Top 7 Tips to Increase Your Amazon Sales

Based on my time working at Amazon and then advising our current 180 + sellers.

So this isn’t theory.

This what we know works.

Over and over again.


Tip #1: Optimise listings

Hands down this is the biggest lever that can be pulled to increase sales.

If you create a killer, benefit rich, captivating listing that grabs the attention of the browser then you’ll immediately increase your conversion rates.

This will then decrease ad costs (cus your acquisition cost will be lower) which means you can afford to chuck more cash into the advertising machine. 

It’ll also increase your sales rank, as Amazon’s A9 algorithm will realise idle browsers are evolving into hungry buyers whenever they land on your listing.

The result? More free organic traffic (which generates more profit per sale).

Your listing is the engine in your business.

It’s your duty to change it’s oil every 6-weeks.

Tip #2: Write good copy

Hate to be the bearer of bad news…

…but no-one in the world wants your product.

Women don’t buy lipstick. They buy sex appeal.

Men don’t buy £3000 watches. They buy status.

People want what the product will do for them.

They want the BENEFITS.

That’s what makes the sale happen.

So tell them.

This involves getting creative and discovering the subtle art to writing captivating, high converting, benefit driven sales copy.

Cus it’s not just on the Amazon listing page where this skill reap rewards…

Sales pages.

Pre-sell pages.

Facebook ads.

Automation emails.

Product inserts.

ChatBot messages.

It’s the greatest (and most profitable) skill you can acquire.

So stop boring browsers to death telling them about your product features and captivate them with how your product can solve their burning problems.

Master that and I guarantee your sales will explode.

Tip #3: Reviews

21 is the magic number.

Hit that and your conversion rates will increase.

‘’Yeah but how do we get them?’’

Try this one for size…

Create an insane product insert. Something that grabs their attention when they open your package.

Include a QR code on that insert with instructions on how to scan it.

Once they’ve scanned it direct them to either your ChatBot (you’ve gotta be using these right now btw) or to your RYP page.

Then elsewhere on the insert ask them to leave a review.

Our students been getting 3-5% of buyers to leave reviews with this simple strategy. Which is well above average.

You’ve just got to know what to add onto that insert and how to link up the QR code with the chatbot and then the RYP url etc.

Tip #4: Paid ads

If you’re releasing a new product go hard on PPC.

Aim is to get onto page 1 as fast as possible.

Yes, you’ll lose money for maybe a month. Yet it’s better than drowning on page 8 where no-one will find you.

Don’t bother using the new re-targeting tool unless you’re getting plenty of traffic onto your listings.

It’ll be expensive and you’ll just burn through cash.

Next, go after longer tail keywords.

You won’t be able to compete with the big boys who are spending £100k + per month on PPC.

So get smart and explore a smaller segment of the ocean.

You’ll decrease your ACoS and boost profit margins.

Oh yeah…

You’ve gotta be using Facebook and Instagram to discover un-tapped customers.

But whatever you do DO NOT drive this traffic directly to your listing.

It’ll destroy your conversion rates. So…

Take them to a pre-sell page first.

Warm them up.

Then pixel them and re-target them with killer conversion ads.

They’ll then buy when they are ready.

Once you’ve got a big enough audience from the pre-sell page (500ish), create a 1% lookalike and target them.

Better targeting = lower acquisition costs = more profit.

You’ve just gotta know how to string it all together.

Tip #5: Europe

It’s crying out to be tapped into by sellers. Yet…

Novice sellers see the bright lights and ship thousands in inventory over to America cus, ‘’USA’s got the biggest population’’. Sigh.

Sadly though, it’s also got the most sellers, which means it’s insanely crowded, which means, it’ll cost you a small fortune to get onto page 1.


Go to Europe. Mainly Germany. Why?

Because it’s got a larger user base than the UK, yet the number of sellers is lower.

Which equates to lower competition.

Best bit is…

You can simply utilise Amazon’s insane logistical networks and fulfilment centres to do the heavy lifting for you.


Tip #6: Build a mailing list

The money is in the list.

It’s a cliché, yet it’s true.

The volume of sales we’ve generated from running sales or promos every 6-weeks is staggering (Black Friday is a big one).

And it’s all come from pushing messages out to our warm mailing list.

Hitting people who weren’t ready to buy 8-weeks ago when they joined but are now in ‘hunt mode’.

This is where the real profits are hidden.

You can easily horizontally scale by cross selling different products in your range.

You can create smoke tests to validate new product ideas before dropping thousands on stock. 

You can link them to your ChatBot to push actionable content.

You can also use this list to improve your targeting through Facebook ads…

Just create lookalike audiences.

Then let Facebook’s insane algorithm find customers who closely match your existing customer base.

You must be building this right now whilst leads etc are cheap.

It’ll reap dividends in the long term.


Tip #7: Differentiate yourself

Whether that’s via price-point (go premium).

Or bundling multiple products together.

Or designing insane packaging that grabs attention.

Or creating an experience that the customer will never forget.

Anything really that separates you from your competition.

Cus it’s a jungle out there.

And being an Average Anthony isn’t going to help your survive.


This all sounds good in theory, yet if you don’t have the knowledge or skills required to execute these strategies and tactics then it’s all hot air.