Terrorise Your Competition

…your competition.

Here’s how…

I was advising a LaunchPod member that they needed to add high quality lifestyle images to their product listings to boost engagement.

Their response…

‘’But my competition don’t have lifestyle images and they appear to be doing well’’.

Being blunt, if you’re spending hours analysing your competitors and heaven forbid copying what they are doing then you deserve to fail. 

The more time you spend pouring over their listings (or hiding in a bush outside their house to see whether their husband has a bigger package than yours) the more time you’re wasting that could be spent FOCUSING on building YOUR brand.

Instead concentrate on figuring out what your CUSTOMERS want, so you can build a better product.

Gain a deep understanding of what they thought was crap, what they believed was good and any additional features that could be added to enhance their experience.

Your PRODUCT is the most VITAL organ in your business

It’s the heart that provides the oxygen to the rest of the system.

And if you can develop it so that it is far superior than anything else out there, then you’ll TERRORISE your competition.


Double down on producing insane content that showcases how your product blows everything else out of the water.

Testimonials. User generated content (UGC). Wacky demo videos that look cool as fuck.

Content that puts your product in your prospects hands before they’ve even purchased it.

Future pace them.

Show them how it works.

And the BENEFITS they’ll gain by buying it.

Then plaster this all over your social channels.

Run paid ads via Facebook and Instagram to your target audience.

Drive them to a pre-sell page. Warm them up. Then ask for the sale. 

If they don’t buy, re-target them with testimonials and more content. 

And go hard on Amazon sponsored product ads which gobble up prospects with a high purchase intent. 

Safe in the knowledge that your listing and A+ content is on fire.

Which will result in that prospect hanging around for longer.

Which significantly increases the likelihood of them converting

Before you know it that browser has forgotten all about your pathetic competitor.

They’ve built an emotional connection with YOU and YOUR brand.

Which means they’ll highly likely hit ‘BUY NOW’.

Reducing your customer acquisition costs (ACoS scores) and increasing your profits.

The sellers who are doubling down on building BRAND ASSETS in 2020 will win this game.

The rest will simply waste away watching from the sidelines.

Selling on Amazon is brutal.

If you need help, check out LaunchPod.