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 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
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What I learned about Amazon this week

✔ Many consultants share my opinion that “we’re just getting started” with Amazon. It is still DAY 1 and there are stacks of opportunity across all categories and all marketplaces.

✔️ There’s continued demand from those with money looking to invest in or buy Amazon businesses.

✔️ There were 146 Amazon private-label brands as of mid-2020

✔️ Amazon added one billion monthly visits, up 24%, from February to August. Australia had a 70% increase, with the UK and US 25% and 29% respectively.

✔️ Price Per Unit was previously, like many great columns in the inventory files, are ignored. However, Amazon is marking them as required now. Sell consumables? Check this out. If Amazon gives you the option to add more info via an Excel file, use it, this is a game of marginal gains.

✔️ Amazon have updated their communication guidelines, you can ask for reviews via email using 3rd party providers (good) but don’t get too excited because your hit rate will still be sub-par. I suggest you utilise the unboxing experience to drive reviews and building a relationship with the customer, this is where your energy should be.

✔️ Amazon released a new store feature called “Store Versions”. These will allow you to create temporary storefronts for seasonal promotions, special offers, or product launches.

✔️ 6 tips to improve your main image; white space, shadows, close-ups, angles, pack size, packaging.

✔️ Posts have developed. You can tag multiple ASIN’s in a single “post” on Amazon now, plus you can schedule posts like you do with your social planning tool. Remember, these are still FREE and they’ll drive additional traffic to your listing.

✔️ Brand Stores are appearing more and more in the search suggestions, further reinforcing Amazon’s obsession with pushing brands over those sellers that aren’t building an enhanced presence.

✔️ Amazon launched luxury stores, if you’re into that, here is a link to request access. Alternatively, check out the luxury version of these emails by slipping into a 14-day trial of my LaunchPod Academy below…


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