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 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers


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Firstly, a new episode of the podcast launched this week. It’s heavy hitting on the listing optimisation piece. You can listen on iTunes or elsewhere.

Now, what I learned about Amazon this week…

1. You can utilise packaging in your main product image to showcase particular USP’s of your product, as well as who it might be for. Cunningly placing a thumbnail overlay near your packaging stating “for X”, could give you that advantage over competitors and not put you at risk of infringing Amazon’s policies.

2. Market fit. No matter what product you are creating you have to be absolutely certain on how it fits into the demands of your market. If there is any doubt, then go back to the drawing board.

3. Packaging is another extension of your brand voice. But it won’t fix a bad product.

4. From a digital perspective you must consider; social, email, funnels, campaigns, and many more elements. But, many brands are looking to nail 1 in their first year, then pouring resources into nailing the next.

5. There is a lack of operational excellence on Amazon. Simple stats like an OOS rate of 8% aren’t being prioritised enough.

6. Hiring an Amazon Advertising expert is like getting the top F1 driver, but you still need the top car in order to succeed. Unless both are aligned you can’t win the race. To thrive you need a great product and a great manager, then you’ll fly on the PPC circuit.

7. Amazon Advertising is just getting started. They are literally scratching the service and you can expect a vast increase in opportunities, but also complexity, as it continues to grow.

8. Fewer SKU’s when starting is better. Focus on winners, build them up, learn from them, then roll out the range.

9. Amazon are now sharing Sponsored Brands – Search Term Impression Share. This will give you great insights into your share of important search terms, therefore, influencing your strategies.

And for those who read last week’s email, clapping is an effective way to mitigate the risk of magpie attacks.




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