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 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers


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Magpies are bastards.

That’s my biggest learning this week. Which I’ll explain at the end. But first, here are my Amazon (etc) learnings from the last 7-days:

1. To become the biggest non-media seller in the UK you need to start in 2012 and invest in your tech from the get-go. This still applies today though. If you want to build sustainable growth, invest in your tech and data from day 1.

2. Germany is an untapped goldmine full of unprofessional sellers that couldn’t swing a pickaxe if their life depended on it. Not entirely my words, but this week’s podcast episode really blew my mind. Listen here.

3. Many CPG brands that kill it have opted to launch off of Amazon first, then look to move onto the platform after. Investing their resources in building the brand, their community, their customer data, their repeat purchases, etc, before then switching Amazon on. It’s a sound strategy for laying the foundation for long-term success. I’ll be drilling into this in an upcoming podcast with one of the world’s best. Subscribe here so you don’t miss it.

4. Getting found, getting clicks, and getting conversions. Build your listing around these principles. Dive into the granular details of each component in order to smash organic sales on the marketplace. More on this in a future email.

5. Suppressed listings can wipe 000’s off your top line. You can get suppressed for 1 bad image which can be fixed in seconds. Ensure you’ve got notifications setup for this so you can jump on them. Too many sellers getting stung by them at the moment.

6. Look at what Amazon have prioritised over the last 3-years to gauge what you should be prioritising. They’ve been doubling down on their ad platform, so you should also be giving it the attention it deserves. They are drilling into operations (drones approved), so you should be as well. Branding features keep rolling out, so you should be utilising them. You are simply feeding the machine with what it deems to be important.

7. Amazon aren’t necessarily great at creating brands themselves. Word on the grapevine is they are actually finding it very challenging to scale their own brand ranges profitably.

8. Active Campaign are trying their hand at the landing page gig, and it’s actually pretty good for a first attempt. If you don’t know why landing pages are important for a brand you need to have a stern word with yourself.

Right so magpies.

Did you know that magpies will attack humans? No, me neither. This week I discovered a new lunch walk route and have been relentlessly slammed by these vicious beasts. Part of me wants to change route but I’m not sure how I’d explain the Mrs why.

See you next week for an update,



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