1. The Mountain Strategy


The premise of The Mountain Strategy is very simple. You can’t ascend to the next level until you have achieved/completed everything on the level you are currently on.

  1. Operations: It’s impossible to achieve sustainable success on Amazon with poor operations. This consists of factors like; inventory management, fulfillment, customer service, communication etc.
  2. Brand: It’s all about your brand touchpoints at this stage, predominantly focusing on; your listings, your storefront, your packaging. In essence, any opportunity whereby you interact with the customers as a brand. The focus though is where the conversion happens, so your listings!
  3. Advertising: Now that you’ve got a strong operational base and a beautiful brand presence that converts and delights customers, you can start to drive traffic. This can be the bottom of funnel traffic through Amazon Advertising, or higher up the funnel through social advertising, like Facebook.