LaunchPod Onboarding


Step 1: Book Consultation Call

As a welcome to the LaunchPod Academy we’d like to make an introductory offer to jump on a consultation call with either Tom or George. This is a brilliant opportunity to dig deep into your business, understand your pain points and objectives, then map out a plan for the next 3-6 months. The aim is to give you focus and clarity on what’s mission-critical for your brand right now.

We typically charged £100 per hour consultation, but as you are now a LaunchPod member you can grab 30-minutes for £30. Do you need this? No. But since starting LaunchPod we’ve typically found that we can deliver huge additional value by getting on Skype/Zoom and diving a little deeper, PLUS it’s great to put a face behind each member!

Book Call

Step 2: The Dashboard

Your dashboard is where all things LaunchPod are found! We recommend bookmarking it on your browser so you can quickly navigate yourself there every time you want to build your Amazon skillset.


Step 3: The Library

As the name suggests this is your library of gloriously rich content. We’ve split all the courses up into categories to help you find what you need quicker. In addition, you do have the ability to search all library content with the small magnifying glass on the top right of your window. We’re updating the library every month, sometimes weekly, so be sure to keep an eye out for new content!


Step 4: Live Workshops

We are hosting anything from 1 to 4 live workshops every single month. overing everything from Amazon advertising and A+ strategies, to funnel building and landing page development. We appreciate it can be difficult to attend live, so we record every session for you to enjoy in your own time. You can access them all in our live workshop library.

If you have any requests for a live session then feel free to drop us a message within the community and we’ll look to get it setup ASAP. In order to never miss a workshop be sure to check your emails from us each Monday and look in the community calendar area.

Live Workshops

Step 5: The Community

It’s the heart of our Academy and we’re passionate about building out a thriving online community for all of our members. This is where you go to get all of your questions answered, queries settled, feedback given etc etc. It’s also brilliant to build relationships with other like-minded sellers and help each other along this rocky road that can be Amazon.

Go introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you and your brand and truly become a member of LaunchPod.

Introduce Yourself

Step 6: LaunchPod Marketing Service

Due to increasing demand from members looking for additional support with Amazon Advertising, we introduced a service whereby our team will set up and run this for you. As members of the Academy you get exclusive service that we do not offer to other brands, we have also introduced a member pricing model at a heavily reduced rate. Please understand that this service is new and in very high demand so we cannot offer it to every member. You can read a little more about it and submit an application by clicking the button below.

Advertising Service

Step 7: Become an Affiliate

As you’ve probably realised by now we’re continuously doing everything we can to provide a brilliant experience for our members. We welcome feedback and suggestions as we strive to improve the LaunchPod Academy every single month.

If you are enjoying the Academy and feel that others could also benefit then you might be interested in our affiliate programme. You can earn 25% recurring commissions for every member you introduce. All you have to do is share your unique link with them, then once they sign up you’ll get a deposit into your PayPal account every month for every member that you refer. Some members are not only covering their own membership fee, but actually making profit each month.

Become an affiliate

We’re dedicated to providing the best possible experience to help you build an unshakeable online business – on and off Amazon! Every week we’re tweaking the portal, creating new content, working to get new experts in, trying out different tools and designers just to ensure that no stone is left unturned for you. Should, however, you see a stone unturned…do not hesitate to get in touch with us and ask for help.

Many thanks,

George & Tom