Amazon Advertising – Account Management Service

Why do you need to advertise on Amazon?

Shoppers on Amazon are piping hot buyers with high purchasing intent. Put your product in front of them.

One of the most challenging aspects of online advertising is knowing when and where to advertise to potential customers with high purchase intent. Your customers are on Amazon, looking for solutions to the problem they are facing, positioning your brand and products at this very moment is the perfect opportunity to capitalise.

Why use LaunchPod to manage your Amazon Advertising?

Our team has 6+ years of internal Amazon Advertising experience. We were trained by Amazon.

One of pillars of a successful brand on Amazon is traffic. You could be either wasting thousands of advertising spend each month or missing the opportunity to grab thousands in additional revenue. Simply because you haven’t got the resources, time/money/skils, to get the best results. We’re consistently seeing astounding numbers from campaigns we’ve crafted and we want to support our brands in every way possible on Amazon.

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Case Studies


Advertising revenue

5 weeks

since setup

Case Study 1

Within 2-months of working together, our team was able to drive an additional £5000 in monthly advertising revenue – advertising costs for the month were also reduced by £846. ACOS fell from 8.6% to 6.3% during this period and is currently being maintained whilst we try to further drive sales.


Advertising revenue


Advertising spend

Case Study 2

Our team initially focused on becoming more profitable, whilst still driving sales – drilling into the data to identify growth opportunities and also wasted spend. This resulted in a £2200 increase in monthly advertising revenue just 6-weeks after starting. ACOS fell from 50% to 17% during this period.


Advertising revenue


ACOS decrease

Case Study 3

Whilst you typically see the greatest impact of your advertising efforts after 4-6 weeks onwards, we’ve been astounded by the performance of this account. We re-launched their campaigns from scratch and after 14-days have currently generated £9100 in incremental revenue with an ACOS of 16.1%.


Advertising revenue

14 days

Since start

Amazon Advertising Management


Per month

Creation of profitable campaigns

Weekly campaign performance analysis

Weekly advertising reports

Bi-weekly calls

Manage up to 10 SKUs

£33 per additional SKU

No percentage of ad spend taken as fee

One flat management fee regardless of your growth

*We offer discounts for additional SKUs and additional marketplaces


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