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 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
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The Downside of Looking at Panty Liners in Public

What we learned about Amazon this week…

1) People will judge you for looking at panty liners on your laptop in a coffee shop. But I was researching

2) Amazon doing more on the eco front with a “Focus on Sustainability” widget being displayed around the A+. If you’re doing sustainable stuff, you can save space on your A+ by utilising this. Here’s a link.

3) They just cannot get enough data. Amazon are now asking people to send them their receipts from purchases they’ve made elsewhere, rewarding them with $1 for doing so – to be spent on Amazon.

4) Some vendor managers are trying to increase their vendor accruals by 10%. This is basically referral fees for vendors. Why brands, who are not high street names, still play as a vendor I do not know. Figure out your operations and do it yourself. If you pay for an internal vendor manager, bin that cost and hire 5 team members on the seller side who’ll do MUCH more.

5) Gross merchandise sales are predicted to be around $10.4bn for this year’s Prime Day, up from $7.16bn last year – according to Digital Commerce 360’s estimates.

6) Here’s a quick spurt podcast episode I released yesterday. 15-minutes of fire with Ian Smith. We talk LTV, consumables, owning the customer journey, and messenger bot flows.

7) Online sales grew by 25% in a two-week period in March 2020, led by grocery purchases. 56% of consumers plan to continue buying online after the pandemic is over. If you want to know how to smash your content, check out the grocery category, it’s so fierce only winners survive.

8) Amazon featuring live streaming beneath the buy box. I think live is going to become SO much bigger on the platform in the coming months. Go get your camcorder. I’ve got a pod episode planned with a live guru soon, keep your eyes peeled.

9) Not enough brands are using thumbnails on the main image to attract clicks in the search results. “But George, it’s against TOS”. Yes, it is. But some cunning players out there are skirting around the edge, and winning because of it. Check them out here.

10) Final point. I’ve been hinting about my new Amazon Creatives project recently on LinkedIn. I’m putting the final pieces together now, including an exciting partnership with PickFu, and it’ll be ready to rumble on the 11th of November. You can get early access by opening the next few emails.



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