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β˜•Β What I Learned About Amazon This Week
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Why “Shop Local” on Amazon Must Exist

The magpies are back, I shit you not, I had two of them double teaming me for 5-minutes yesterday – looking like one of those inflatable men you often see outside a car lot as I try to wave them away.

But, here’s what I learned about Amazon this week…

1. I introduced the idea of “Shop Local” on Amazon recently, with an aim to put money back in the pockets of local brands. See my full idea here.

2. Amazon are introducing images inside the search suggestions, meaning, your main image has just become even MORE important.

3. Launchpad brands may now have access to an FAQ widget within their A+ content. I’ve often recommended A+ as an opportunity to remove barriers for customers anyway, but this is great as it puts it front and centre for them. Shame Launchpad is a shit idea though, giving Amazon more margin just is not worth it.

4. A question from my good friend David Glick that will get thinking: Amazon Logistics just delivered their 10 billionth package earlier this year. Even with that, there will be a shortage of carrier capacity this Q4. What would’ve happened if Amazon hadn’t in-housed that capacity?

5. Spending to dominate top of search is great, but have you stopped to consider if it’s worth dominating this area, or just featuring? What’s your budget and when should you let it go?

6. Amazon DSP could be more readily available to sellers, with rumours whirling around, this will be an exciting one to follow.

7. According to research by Amazon, adding A+ Content saw units sold on average increase by 9.1%, and the number of views on average increase by 18%.

8. Most graphic design agencies have no idea how to create great AMAZON content, making the conversation for a brand so much harder. I’m working on something to help you create great marketplace content, don’t miss the next two emails.

9. You can get much cheaper clicks on very competitive search terms by placing your ad one step down the funnel, ignoring the top of search, and grabbing sales off competitors. Kyle Kirkwood explains this beautifully here, it’s a 40-minute masterclass for you on Amazon Advertising!



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