George Reid

 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers


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Prime Day is Shit for Amazonian’s

1) Prime Day is just a bit shit for Amazon employees. When I was there I was quite chilled out, but the Mrs has significantly eclipsed my position with her role within the company, and it’s bloody tough. I was up at 1am last night being “supportive”. They put a slog in around this period, so kudos to them.

2) Amazon is underwhelming when it comes to live shopping, I just feel the whole experience could be so much better and they are quite far behind other platforms.

3) eCommerce is forecasted to grow by 32.4% this year, with the top 10 sites representing 63.2% of sales.

4) Brands that dominate product targeting on their own items slam the door on their competition, dig their brand moat a little deeper, and lay a foundation for sustainable success.

5) Amazon Brand Analytics provides brilliant data on demographics now, you should be harnessing this to make well-informed content creation decisions in order to connect with your target customer.

6) Amazon Posts are driving loads of free impressions over Prime week.

7) If done well, long-tail keywords typically have a much higher conversion rate, plus they are a fraction of the cost.

8) Don’t ever allow Amazon to create content for you, particularly in a different language, they do a terrible job. If ever approached by Amazon to join a “programme”, I will happily sit on the call with you, for free, to tell you why it’s probably not a good idea.

9) Days before Prime Day are the worst you will ever see for Amazon Advertising as people are window shopping for deals to come, however, you’ve gotta suck it up to stay front of mind.

10) People love listening to ex-Amazonian’s



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