George Reid

 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers


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12-year Amazon Director Shares Insights

1) A conversion specialist should be your first hire for an Amazon business.

2) Amazon own branded items don’t have a soul. We’re all sweating about them stealing our data/idea/product, but, Amazon actually struggle to add soul to their products.

3) You will struggle to pay less than $0.90 a click on video ad placements, but, the click-through and conversion rates are outstanding – according to many experts

4) Basic video ads on Amazon tend to perform very well. Try and create an ad as if Amazon created it themselves, so it blends in and looks native to the marketplace, rather than being perceived as something that might take the users to another site.

5) If a keyword is out of your budget, look at the top 50 products for that keyword and product target them. You’ll likely get cheaper clicks than the main keyword because you’re one step removed. Kyle Kirkwood explains this BEAUTIFULLY in an upcoming podcast, you seriously don’t want to miss it.

6) Kim Mathisen, who spent 12-years at Amazon and finished as the director of tools, believes that any grocery brand would be foolish not to focus on Amazon right now. Her podcast is coming next week.

7) Thinking like an Amazonian is good for business. Go read the leadership principles.

8) Exceptional must be your baseline, anything less does not set you up for sustainable success.

9) You can differentiate with your customer experience in so many more ways than you initially think – Jason Greenwood hits a home run with this recently on the pod.

10) Today’s customers expect perfection, if they get it, they think nothing of it, but if something goes wrong, you have the opportunity to be outstanding, or utterly disastrous with your response. Something going wrong can be the best thing that’s ever happened for you.



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