George Reid

 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers


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🚀100 Examples of Great Amazon Content

1) 100 examples of great content on Amazon.

2) Sponsored video ads are getting more impressive, Amazon doesn’t have anyway near as much noise as the likes of Facebook, so they work great at stopping the scroll. Can you stop the scroll like these guys did?

3) Customers can now follow your storefront and Amazon Posts. I personally feel storefronts these days are incredibly underwhelming, despite Amazon giving you huge opportunity to scream from the hilltops about your brand and range with your own voice.

4) Amazon getting involved in the pharmacy business. Makes absolute sense to me. Any player that can harness data to drive LTV and AOV will win this game, and Amazon are masters at both.

5) Shopping events are getting more interesting. Instagram have their first one coming out on December 3rd. I personally feel brands that utilise things like Facebook groups, build a community, then host private events are going to kill it. A member of our LaunchPod Academy amassed 1600 group members in just 12 days through implementing this strategy.

6) Here is some great user generated content. If you were to use the group strategy above, you could create a #unit inside the group where people share their top flowerpots using your packaging. Great engagement, and driving good values whilst also getting social shares etc.

7) The number of companies sprouting up in Europe with plans to acquire small to medium Amazon brands is exploding right now. 25 million Euros raised for Razor Group. I think this space holds massive potential but execution is going to be key, I wonder how much of this money is going to be wasted.

8) Brands that compare their ranking on mobile vs. desktop are winning. It’s foolish to create content which just looks good on desktop (where you typically check it post upload), when many users are using mobile. How do you look on mobile? This can impact mobile conversions and thus your ranking on that platform.

9) When creating a job description for anything, let’s say a VA, always add a bizarre question right at the end. If they don’t answer that question, why could be “what is your favourite website?”, then you know they don’t pay attention to detail or follow instructions. You can immediately cull 50% of applicants and save time hiring.




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