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 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
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🚀 The Top 1% of Creatives on Amazon

1) How consumable brands approach their strategy on Amazon is about to change significantly. This 30-minute episode of the podcast will blow your mind. Think: data, ltv, repeat purchases, customer journey, and bundling.

2) Influencer live streams cost four or five times the rate of an Instagram post, because “an influencer has to commit a fair amount of time to it.

3) Here’s an epic group to discover the top 1% of creatives on the Amazon marketplace. Find out what makes these listings pump.

4) Amazon has announced on their blog that they will be removing a wide range of single-use and oxo-biodegradable plastic products from Amazon EU marketplaces. Brands that doubled down on their packaging are about to get a lovely boost.

5) Lego showed every brand on Amazon exactly how to create content with their target market in mind.

6) New Sponsored Display targeting options with brands having the opportunity to exclusively target their own product viewers or attack their competitors viewers instead. Recommendation: segment the two audience types out into different campaigns so you can push the remarketing hard whilst gauging the impact of your offensive strategy.

7) Here’s a great 2m 4s video on building free engagement and traffic through Facebook.

8) One of the best storefront journeys I have ever experienced on Amazon. It’s like sending my Mum into John Lewis, she just likes being in there. Is your storefront TK Maxx or John Lewis? Is it a wonderful, helpful experience, or a shit hole.

9) Small to medium brands are still wrestling with tasks they really should outsource, whether that’s PPC management, or general account admin tasks. At some point you need to get off the hamster wheel and put someone else on, so you can focus on building the business, rather than running it.

10) Want to see all of my previous emails in one place – bookmark The Archives.



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