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โ˜•ย What I Learned About Amazon This Week
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๐Ÿ” Burger King are Wankers

1) Re-designing your packaging can make a 55% change in your YoY sales. Well, it did for this beauty.

2) Learning to fire yourself when building a brand is an incredible skill. Hire someone, then fire yourself. You cannot do it all. Get off the hamster wheel and tag someone in.

3) Referral schemes are hard to master, but a tiny increase in the incentive can make monstrous inroads to nailing this strategy. Charles Instone, an old Amazon colleague, shares his thoughts on the podcast.

4) The total whisky category experienced 81.1% value growth on Amazon during the 12 weeks ending October 2020. If youโ€™re selling alcohol, are you missing something?

5) Burger King are wankers. Honestly, everyone tugging them off over their โ€œbrilliantโ€ marketing campaign, completely ignoring a bigger issue.

6) Amazon agencies still canโ€™t decide on % of revenue/spend vs. fixed fees for clients. We run with a fixed fee as itโ€™s better for customers. I donโ€™t see why we should earn more money if they happen to be running a big off of Amazon marketing drive.

7) Brands must both curate and create content. Creating is hard work. Curating content, like User Generated Content, is much easier, and incredibly effective for winning trust.

8) Microsoft has released Clarity – a FREE website analytics tool that offers user heat mapping and user session recording with analytics and data visualization on top. Goodbye HotJar?

9) The key to success online is making great products that solve real problems. Itโ€™s really that simple. Achieve that, and watch your flywheel grow. Plus your UGC will be pumping.

10) Smart Mock-up is a great tool for quickly mocking up ideas. Whether than be a lead magnet image to put on your page, or a design for product validation pre-launch. I spoke about this on LinkedIn.

11) Procter & Gamble nailing it with their sustainable packaging drive. ASDA and Unilever are also winning some votes from me with their refill station trial. Can I just say, I had this idea whilst on the beach last year โ€“ I knew I shouldโ€™ve emailed them about it.


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