George Reid: Doubling down on exactly who your avatar is and exactly what they like. What are their trigger points? What are they reading? What are they listening to? What are they watching? Where they’re consuming content. Do you see quite a lot of brands perhaps skipping over that avatar creation and, just going out and going well create great visuals, but they haven’t quite decided who the visual is for. And that’s quite a common mishap that many brands make.

Charles Instone: Yeah, a little bit. Everyone tries to understand what their demographic is, but I think very few stick to it. Theyll sent products toe whatever influence have reached our whichever one of the biggest following instead of really knowing exactly which influence the stand within their demographic, knowing exactly where the demographic live, what they do. Sometimes when it’s a start-up it’s hard to really stick to that demographic because you’ll take any opportunity for growth. It depends where you’re at with the company’s. Some of the companies we work with very hard, with who they deal with in terms of influencers, podcast magazines and stuff like that. And some, you know, will take out any opportunity they get I don’t think there’s any right, But I think if you can stick to a demographic and really sort of nail that and infiltrate it and make sure that your getting all of your brand advocates from within that, then you’re going to see some really great long term growth.