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“George has a real in depth understanding of Amazon and business as a whole, both from having worked at Amazon but also through building his own successful agency.

He’s helped numerous brands transform their business structure and develop their presence on Amazon. I’d highly recommend working with George on your Amazon goals, there’s few out there with the same understanding as George”

Charles Instone (ex-Amazon)

“George’s knowledge of Amazon is good, but, his understanding of how to leverage Amazon to build a successful brand and business is phenomenal. George has been instrumental in developing a multitude of brands to grow on Amazon, including some of the biggest names in the space, as well as my own business.

His constant search for new knowledge ensures he is best placed to advise on growth strategies. Bloody good rep.”

Ben Timmons (ex-Amazon)

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The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value

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Understanding Your Customer Lifetime Value

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“Took our Amazon listings to another level, +30k pm. Learnt a lot about the workings and how to get the best out of a simple product. Still not put into practice all George recommended so more to come yet.”

Mark Whelan

“By far the best membership I’ve used. Very insightful content and easy to follow videos. Had a great 121 call with George this morning, he simplified the overall process with easy to follow steps…am now feeling inspired.”

Steve McDonald

“These guys are great! Having bought many Amazon courses in the past this is by far the best. None of usual waffle and regurgitating of old content, what they bring is fresh and with advice I’ve not seen anywhere else.”

Ian Gilmour

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Is The Future Of Amazon Selling Less of More?

Is The Future Of Amazon Selling Less of More?

One thing we learned at Amazon was not to dip you toe We’d advise it to every new seller we onboarded Usually, after they said “I’ll trial it with some of my range“ And there was data behind our comments, we weren’t just being...

Copy Successful Launch Strategies

Copy Successful Launch Strategies

Sometimes you don’t need to be original I know everyone is always like “you’ve got to be unique” And when you’re creating a product, you certainly do need to have that unique selling proposition Otherwise why the hell am I going to pick...

Amazon: Taking the P*ss

Amazon: Taking the P*ss

They take the piss don’t they really. Whilst I appreciate all that Amazon has done for me and many people I know, as well as for a ludicrous number of businesses, they can be right arseholes. What I’m talking about today is “Feature from Our...

The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value

The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value

As much profit out of your existing customers as you possibly can. If you want to scale to 7-figures per year then you’ve gotta realise that the real money will be made in re-targeting and increasing your customer lifetime value (CLV). Which means… …once someone...

Using Facebook Advertising to Drive Amazon Sales

Using Facebook Advertising to Drive Amazon Sales

You now must be using Facebook ads to drive more sales for your Amazon listing. Portioning off part of your budget to drive traffic to your listing from channels like Facebook and Instagram is essential if you want to achieve sustainable growth. And in this article,...

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