Increase Sponsored Ads ROI by leveraging Custom Landing Pages showing Product Combinations

Increase Sponsored Ads ROI by leveraging Custom Landing Pages showing Product Combinations

You can multiply your chances of selling to customers and even cross-selling if you are showcasing all products to your customers related to the same search term. For example, you may be selling vegan protein products including vegan protein bars, vegan protein powder and vegan protein snacks. In this case, if you’re only sending traffic to your product detail page, then chances are the shoppers would never know that you also sell other options in vegan protein.

Imagine someone searching for vegan protein only but indeed has vegan protein bars in mind and your vegan protein powder products shows up that gets the shopper interested and make them click, but, only a few buy. Had they seen all the vegan protein products, chances are they would have at least bought the protein bars and also would have discovered the protein powder. And, some perhaps would buy both, or the different packing… Therefore, showcasing all products you have on a search term can:

🔹 Increase your chances of sales or conversion

🔹 Create stronger brand Awareness

🔹 Increase chances of Cross-Selling

Another example could be showing some of your products (that can be bought as gifts) together when someone searches for Christmas gifts.

When to use Custom Landing Pages?

We know that the best way to showcase your catalogue is through the Amazon Store Page that allows you to add products, rich media (images, videos…) in a creative manner. Custom Landing pages are more convenient when:

🔹 Your store page is not yet set up and you’re looking for a quick way to create a page for product combinations

🔹 It doesn’t make sense to create additional pages on your store page (maybe because it’s just a bunch of product combinations)

Another advantage of creating custom Landing pages is that you only have to provide a list of ASINs and Amazon creates it for you instantaneously in a nice-looking format that encourages buying (through Ad to cart and Buy now buttons) as shown in an example landing page:

And, interestingly, with customer Landing Pages, you still get one of the major benefits of the store page: preventing competitor products from showing up and you keep your potential customers busy checking out your products.


How you can promote Landing pages?

You can promote custom Landing Pages through Sponsored Brands (Keyword as well as product-targeted) campaigns.

How to create custom landing page?


The custom landing page option (“New Landing Page”) is available as an alternative to your store page when setting up Sponsored Brands Ad Campaign:

Once you select it, then all products you choose to advertise next would be part of the custom landing page.

Would strongly recommend trying this strategy.

Important Note: This no ways discourages running other Ad types sending traffic only to the Product Page (they also drive good conversion and most importantly have different placements). This strategy can indeed be implemented as additional strategy.