How Do You Crack Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

One word.


That’s all it really comes down to when selling on Amazon.

If you’re not relevant, you won’t appear.

A9 (Amazon’s algorithm) is continuously developing to ensure that Amazon customers are delivered the most relevant products based on their search query.

And with 74% of consumers going to Jeff’s baby when they are ready to buy a specific product…

…you wanna be damn sure that you’re deemed relevant and sit smack bang in front of them!

What makes up relevancy on Amazon though?

Here are the 3 key pillars…

2. Traffic

A9 believes that if your product page (child ASIN) receives a large volume of traffic for a search term, then it is relevant to that search term.

Seems simple enough, right?

It is.

Yet you need to consider where the traffic is coming from, the quality of that traffic and what that traffic does when it lands on your listing.

Which is why we are hammering into our students that they must be driving traffic from 3rd party platforms so that they can CONTROL it.

There is no excuse for lack of traffic.

It’s endless.

You’ve just gotta ensure you know what to do with that traffic when it lands.

Which leads me onto…

2. Conversion rate

You must be converting a high ratio of that traffic.

Minimum 20% if you wanna be deemed relevant.

Fail to achieve that and Amazon will position you at the back of the queue.

We’ve got members inside LP hitting 30% CR’s.


They know the psychological triggers that move money from their consumers wallets into theirs.

Which means they can structure their content, copy and everything else to pull on those triggers.

They can also discredit their competitors. Allowing them to sell at a premium price.

3. Sales


We’re talking volume here rather than revenue.

If you have a notebook selling for £1000 and you sell 1, someone who sells 100 at £10 will be deemed more relevant.

So you’ve gotta be driving those sales. 24/7, 365 days a year.

Which involves peppering your listings from multiple angles.

Amazon ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, organic posts.

Then slowly turn these ice cold browsers into piping hot buyers.

You then connect with them off Amazon (via a chatbot or email) and continuously drive them back where they’ll buy again.