Sponsored Brand Ads – Overview


Sponsored Brand High-level walkthrough

This is the most in-depth video I have done on Sponsored Brand landing pages and ad creation.

I walk through examples using CPG store pages, show live headlines with the different ad formats, and make recommendations based off of targeting and strategy.

Some of the biggest callouts –

  • Align your landing page with your targeting
  • Use sub-pages to simplify the consumer funnel
  • Test different copy and imagery
  • Spilt test all of the different landing pages

Sponsored Brand ads are amazing!!

I highly recommend making the most out of them. *Something I should have mentioned but didn’t – Take time to think about the product you are showcasing in your HSA. Make sure they have fantastic reviews and imagery, and create more aggressive campaigns specifically for products that have deals in order to increase CTR and drive additional traffic to your deal.