Ranking Subscriber – Zapier SFB + Coupon Codes

  • Description: This is a Facebook Ad based ranking campaign utilizing Search Find Buy and single use coupon codes to deliver your offers. This is one of the top-used flows in the course and what I recommend most often for listings where you are ranked within 2 mobile search pages for your target keyword.
  • Prior to Setting up the Template:
    • Do keyword research to determine the best keyword for your campaign (see training on how to run keyword research)
    • Select keywords you’ll be ranking for
    • Product Images that will be used within the flow
    • Generate Single Use Coupons codes and upload into a coupon code spreadsheet. (Copy and rename this template → https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1miUxrPszRdIYuxeNKQfAAqn_xovMaeJiLRhdYcJ96hY/edit?usp=sharing)
    • Determine if you’ll be using Zapier or Google Sheets integration to send coupons
    • See training for setting up Facebook Ads
  • Template: