Brand Analytics Deep Dive


Training Overview:

Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) was rolled out in 2019 as a reporting tool for Sellers — the first of its kind on the platform. This was a big move. Previously, the data contained within ABA reports was only available to 1P Vendors through Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium — a Vendor Central feature that cost upwards of $30k per year. Sellers could only access information about inventory, payment processing, and shipment tracking — in addition to promotions and customer messaging functions. The start of 2020 saw the next shakeup. Finalised in April, Vendor and Seller reports have been consolidated within ABA, and all associated costs for Vendors removed. However, Vendors now have to be ‘brand registered’ to access the data.

As we will get into, only Sellers and Vendors that participate in the Amazon Brand Registry program can gain access to ABA reports.

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