20/01/2021 – Live Q+A with George Reid


In this session we discussed:

➡️ Playing defensive with your advertising and a great example

➡️ Why it’s important to include all the fine details in your listings and how to place yourself in the customers shoes to improve the experience


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[0:00:04] spk_0: order. No, I always forget that little bad boy s Oh, yeah, walking things off from people can join as and when they please, you could throw any questions. You can raise your hand, you could go out to the Jazz. But Ben and I were having quite an interesting conversation for about 20 or so minutes as we were discussing the like solved ratio on other FBI acquisition companies that are becoming ever more popular in the space. At the moment, I believe in 2020 there was a the total of one billion invest into these firms on this kind of some to the topic off. Do you have an exit strategy for what you’re doing on DWhite? Might that look like S 01 component of that for Ben, for argument’s sake was he has a figure in his mind that would eventually like to get to where it feels his business is worth that point. He would then look to exit his particular passion is then looking to start something else again with that money. And that’s a strategy many people actually look at. Where they go, what I had you only put £900 in to actually invest the very 1st 1st time around. So put £900 in on den From that is generated quite a large business, just reinvesting. So a lot of people, what they like to do is take the sale and build up to a certain point of, say, you can sell for 20 grand and then take that investment again. I’m gonna perfume of your mute there, including then himself. Or that could be a different bends. But, you know, ah, lot of people like to build their business up on Amazon FBI, eventually sell out and then take that investment that they will not take that investment. Take that cash they’ve got and look to invest it again, knowing all the things you know from the mistakes you made and all the learnings you had on the connections you now have, whether that’s in supply chain, whether that’s in photography, designers, advertisers, whatever, and start again with a lot more capital s O. That was hard, a little bit of what Ben was talking about yesterday. But I think the key thing that were once kind of touched upon is if you are looking to appoint to eventually leave the business or sell the business or sell part of the business. Um, I think what’s really important to understand is what you need to be doing. Building up to that on one of the big topics we talked about was having your house in order. First and foremost, eso Ben commented about having very, very strong content just as a whole across the Amazon Channel, to your betraying yourself has already strong, strong brand on the market place. That’s always gonna put you in better stead. Azaz. Others looking at your brand from an external perspective is going to be looking at a much more positively than if you didn’t have your house in order. Certainly gonna bring the value of your business down if they need to. Then go and create lots of good content if they need to go work on your conversion rates and these sorts of things, whereas if you’ve already got about a place gonna make you more valuable. But another big point that we both touched on was around data. This is arguably the biggest point when it comes to, in my opinion, how valuable you can potentially be on I’m speaking to a lot of people at the moment who are looking to set up these Amazon acquisition businesses on. One of the things obviously always looking for is the likely this company is gonna continue generating revenue. Andi. How much can they increase that? Obviously if they inject cash and resource is now if you’ve got a lot of data, what I essentially mean by that is not just Amazon’s reporting data, but also you’re putting a lot of information and as well on data could be customer information such as email addresses. It could be subscribers to a chat box. It could be repeat purchase behavior. It could be a serious of information that you’ve got through serving your customers on a regular basis via email to understand the types of customers they are. It could be a Facebook group. All of these essentially data points that relate to go out and get more information about the customer, which is brilliant. That’s gonna make you so much more valuable if you are looking to sell or sell a chunk of the business, but also understanding the shocking behavior a little bit on this ties into things like brand analytics and the information we can now get from Amazon relating to how customers are interacting with your brand. Are they buying your product repeatedly? Are they buying one? Then they’re going to buy another on. This information is gonna be really, really valuable for you if you are looking to create a evaluation of your your business, your brand, because you can approach it with a completely different mindset. If you’ve just got no information whatsoever, you don’t think your customers come back and buy from you again. Again again. That’s exactly what you know. A very strong position, particularly look at something like the consumables category, where customers coming back again and again is to kind of the bread and butter off what makes a sustainable, successful business in the consumables category. So I think there’s two points, kind of one of Tony’s richer and let me know any questions there on if I’m waffling, but one is ensuring you’ve got handling. You’ve got a way to collect data on do also interpret and visualize. It s so that would be repeated to behavior. It would be those customer touch points will be ways to interact with customers on Duncan trolling That communication channel is, well, while and just relying on Amazon Messenger, for instance, which is really a very good communication channel. I’m talking more about Facebook groups or communities as well as email. This that’s gonna make you much more valuable on in addition to that, then having your house in order, which will be things like a very smooth operation. When it comes to how you launch products, how you’re going about your advertising, how are you going about creating content, how your displayed across the different channels not just Amazon, but also on social channels on your own website, etcetera. All of these things are going to make you look much, much stronger and drive at that valuation on this also comes from conversations with people who are setting up. These FBI was just businesses at the moment. They’re looking for brands that look very strong but perhaps are restricted a little bit by how lean there needing to bay but a nice, lean, tight ship. But they’re still doing everything they are doing very, very well through executing a high level despite having limited resource is if you then go when you’re just gonna add fuel to the fire. It makes you a very appealing, appealing offering. There’s anywhere. Any questions on on any of those points I’ve made there. Or would you like me to elaborate? Another thing. Pretty silent to the back. Okay. No worries whatsoever. Um, okay. What? Another topic. I was going to dive into a little bit. Grab your hand up far away. Love a hand asked. Um, you? Yeah. I mean yourself, Graham. And tell us what question you’ve got. My So you Can you hear me? I can Now. Okay. I couldn’t find a box type Indio. You know, you When When everyone talks about exiting, that seems to be more and more and more and more press about it. Um, who Who are these people buying all these companies? It za Good question. I don’t think you need to search too hard grain, but if you search through ratio, um, they’re the biggest at the moment. They got just put it in the chat box. T h r a s I o. They gotta run about 600 billion invested into them in the most recent round they did last year. But they’re an array of others. A lot of them have cropped up in America. First, Onda business model is quite simple. What they look to do A C brands that either about to take off getting some early, early kind of success. But many brands like this are limited little bit because off cash flow issues or because of resource is kind of one and the same. But cash flow issues, for argument’s sake, a za good example would be one that would restrict people or as if they can see a brand doing quite well. They find it very appealing to go weekly, come in and buy you, and you’ve got some immediate success. You put two K in. We’re gonna give you 10 care whatever to buy out straight away. I’m gonna throw some money into it on the array of businesses like this. But if you search through ratio, that’s going to send you on kind of a a big black hole of these companies have cropped up. Is there a type of business, though, that I’m probably answering your own question? Is there a type of business that is more attractive or less attractive? I think in my opinion on DSHEA sharing this with the conversations I’ve had with some people inside of the businesses, um, any. Any business that can confidently show that next month they can expect to make X on the following month, they can expect to make why, on their forecasting is very strong, which comes from that repeat purchase behavior and nemesis on consumable products and going while we know our customers in general buy from us once on. Then they go and buy this this this afterwards or they buy from us. In general, the average customer buys three times each year. So we know that if you add fuel to the fire and you have enough advertising, you can spend a lot more to acquire those customers. So anything like that is obviously going to be more attractive. Um, but other other than that, it’s those that are very profitable, which which is good because it allows people them to be a much more aggressive on the advertising on. They can put a much larger budget into it because the profit isn’t really a big issue for them that’s going to come in the long term. They could just break even and make a lots to begin with, just to kind of secure market share on push out the competition. Um, so that would be one thing. Another would be banned. Made a good point if they’ve already got one person in your category who is quite strong, Um, on. But they could be looking to acquire the other person in the categories. So with his point, he was saying he occupies around about 80% of the sale for his main search term. So let’s say he was bought out. It would be quite sensible for that same FBI acquisition company to come over and by his main competitor, ER, and then dominate the whole niche aan den you you based removal competition. They own 98% of all of the sales eso when it comes to specific products, I think it’s similar to what internal discussions you have yourself anyway, when you’re looking to launch a new product or how strong a brand people have a swell if they could see that caught onto a good niche, they’ve got a good following on. I think that’s you know that’s a very good point of the jolt bone memory if the brand itself has a good community around it. I think the office so much more value now because even if you are in a Mork competitive niche, let’s say nutrition for argument’s sake. But you’ve got something like what on it tribe have O N N I t Tribe on it. Nutrition is the Joe Rogan brand. What they have is a really, really strong following a really, really strong Facebook group, which are heavily engaged. So that is obviously going to be Maura Maura, peeling than some of the other things that are out there where they have got no community, no engagement, no big following on bond. You can’t really fake those sort of numbers. You can fake your social following. You can buy Facebook likes and all that sort of jazz. You can’t leave Father. You can’t really fake regular engagement from fans and the terms fans rather than a follower. Um, anything like that is gonna be appealing to them as well. But in terms of did it like certain products, the only really area that I would look kind of lead into would be anything that’s consumable where the data is very, very strong. They’ve represented or presented their data very strong as well. Yeah. Quick, quick. Look on the website, they don’t They don’t actually se or publicized which brands they currently own. Yeah, and there’s probably good reason for that. But it’s different for each individual person. Some people blocked or we bought these brands. Some people that kind of flying with the radar a little bit, Um, but it’s an interesting industry s. Oh, yeah, it’s worth looking into a little bit more. If that’s past your wider plan to go. I’d love to get to the point where I’m investing on building and building and building, and eventually I can then sell out and start a fresh with a bit more cash. Knowing everything that I’ve learnt eso it’s just something to be aware off. That’s not the only model as well, and you can kind of give up equity as well on, but also kind of even Amazon. Lending, for instance, would be an option if you’re looking to get access to cash. I think George, I think for me it gives me a good, um, insight into where where I should be focusing efforts because, um, it’s almost like if you could put up tickle of their boxes, you’ve got a really good run anywhere. So whether you sell it or not, you’re going to be successful if you can take all the boxes. So it’s not a bad business model to follow. I don’t think no, you’re absolutely right there in terms of they continuously studying what makes a brand valuable on Amazon on. But if you can look at what they’re doing to drive that evaluation on, let’s take those boxes you write that that would put you in good stead. Andi certainly wouldn’t really do too much heart eso a lot of it. A lot of it is profits related. Eso that that’s a big pieces. Well, it can always be tricky. But if your numbers are good and you’ll say, you know, first this was our strategy, we were sacrificing profit because our goal was long term success. Ranking relevance on Amazon a swell is to build Amazon’s and acquisition channel. Look at how this is working out. You can see we were breaking even for a long period of time on, we were investing a lot into, so I’ve just got someone nearby, eating a very loud packet of crisps. If you can prove essentially, you are investing a lot early on to acquire customers on, then following that, you could go while the impact downstream has then bean look at the number of people have now found an email list. Look at the people. We’ve now got a community group and look at how much more profitable you hours. A result of that that puts you in really good position as well on. That’s why you may wanna decide at what point to even entrance needs negotiations with people. If they were to approach you, I’m not sure that outreach in the moment. I believe it’s quite cold, but you wanna be in a really strong position to. Actually, we don’t wanna talk yet. Let’s talk in six months knowing that in six months time you’re likely to be in a stronger position, knowing what’s on the horizon to go right. Let’s sacrifice or profit now, just so we can build up that fly will for a conversation later down the line. Any questions from anyone else on that Welcome Linda, by the way as well. Okay. Eso another topic. I want to talk a little bit about Waas. What? I’ve labeled in my little note as finer details. Um, So what, in essence, I mean by this is when we’re on Amazon on, Let’s just do a screen share because I happen to have an example here, Um, share screen. Okay, s I’ll give it three seconds. Just coming through the double check. It’s working. So when we are selling any products and again, consumables, it’s more applicable to for this particular example. But it could apply to absolutely everything. Um, what I’m referring to when I say finer details is those key questions that your customers want answering Andi that either is gonna be dictated by feedback they’ve given you or research that you’ve done or just kind of the obvious. Basically. So say if we take this innocents drinks product here, they obviously sell multi packs. As you can see, 12 times 330. Absolutely fine on its £18.49 now. No, all of us are with mathematicians. But a lot of us like to know exactly how much each individual thing is going toe like. Cost us each experience off picking up one of these is going to cost us. We trying to kind of determine the value or getting away deriving from each product. So when I say find details in this sense, I mean they’ve included the information, the back end. This is an example of how the back end you could include those fine details to ensure that all the information is being filled out correctly. So AMAs were able to display this £1.54 for each item. Okay, now we see this quite a lot where people are incorporating the wrong information Excel sheets in the back end. Andi is perhaps giving you a price per middle leader. Okay, and we’ll see. It’s all the time price program price for middle leader price per weight. Whatever on the issue with this is a lot of people just come fasten what that actually means. Like if you said to me it’s 1 54 per 330 millimeters, it doesn’t click immediately on if it doesn’t click for one person, the like leaders, it doesn’t click for a large group, people as well on if it’s not clicking the issue is your forces of persons of work that little bit harder on dure, reducing Likely that then being able to quickly convert because they’re left with questions. The left of work to do. But you don’t want them do when they want the listing. You want them making quick impulse decisions added to basket and moving on. That’s an example that consumed with category, ensuring you got the information incorrectly. But this could also be applied to other categories as well. So let’s say, for arguments sake if we just look at what your key selling points are. So, for instance, let’s say this is all about how it’s pure fruit. For argument’s sake, I can’t think of a better example. That’s the big selling point. All your research. All the reviews show that parents looking for something healthier, which is very much fruit based rather than artificial sugars, you know all the rage. What all it looks to be doing is pushing those fax to the very, very front s. I think I had it the other day with some protein water I saw on what they had failed to do. Um, see, if it comes up, it may or may not what they failed to do is establish. There is upbeat here. I’m sorry to them for clicking on it. I was going to charge them that little clip. But what they fail to do with this, in my opinion, is highlight exactly what this prospect your target prospect wants a soon as possible. So they’re selling protein water is, in their phrase, at the very star. So they’re clearly looking and targeting people who are interested in a protein based drink. Absolutely fine. But what they should be factoring in is anyone who was interested in the protein based item as a whole wants to know exactly how much protein they’re going to get on. They could get this very, very easily by going in tow. Any gym Facebook group are asking any gym goers. What are you looking for when you’re buying a protein product? And all of them are going to say how many grams of protein I’m going to be getting per serving, in essence. Okay. What they haven’t been done is included. That so upbeat, juicy protein water 12 times, 500 mil. Yeah. Okay. So I really care that much? That there’s 12 times five in the middle of it. I don’t really care that much. It’s got the brand then upbeat when it says it here. Do I care? That is juicy protein water, perhaps? No, no. I think they’ve got some waste of information here. What? I am looking for his family. Grams, I’m going to get but actually get this information till bullet point number two. If I scroll all the way down, I eventually get it there. 12 g right there. The issue is no one reads bullet points really is quite difficult to find. It’s not in the title. It’s not in any of this information here. Unless you take this on you scroll on. Do you somehow work your way across their 12 g? It’s what I think they’ve wrongly done here is missed the fact that a lot of their target customer wants that key information as soon as possible. So what I’d be doing if I was in their position, is looking to clued they haven’t got in the bottle on. That was a mistake, in my opinion, but we can’t change that at this moment in time, but you can change is the image that you’ve got sat it It’s odd look to be including, like a thumb down over the top like this, that over the top of the image, maybe in the corner, highlighting just literally a circular but and highlighting over the top 12 g protein, 12 g white so still making it part off the image. So it’s overlapping, so the algorithm isn’t picking up that you’ve got an overlay. Um, it’s just picking up on assuming it’s part of the bottle design, but you are immediately telling the customer when they are browsing eso. If we come back to the search results when they’re browsing these search results, you’re immediately telling them exactly how much protein is in it. So here, protein porridge. They’ve got 20 g there. I’d like to see it here. This is the Define It Thies house. You really ought to be included again. This Viva 147 reviews is too small. I’ve just got white space around it. I can’t even see that. That says 20 g of protein. So they’ve got a better job. They’re highlighting it, but the image is too small. So if I’m selling protein water, which I might go and do it now because apparently not many people are good at it. I would be focusing on those fine details that my customer cares about and these guys are massively dropping the ball on. This applies to a new arrayed of topics, whether it’s selling furniture on understanding that it’s orthopedic furniture. Andi. Everyone buying orthopedic furniture from all the conversations you had working in it for many years ask the same three questions. So obviously you gotta answer those three questions. Those fine details on you maketh, um, on the forefront of the content that you’re producing. So the forefront of the listing with regards to copy on the forefront of the images So they have those answers to the questions immediately, and then they removed that from their kind of equation off. Is this a product that I want to buy? Eso Apologies for the slight ramble there, but I feel that reinforces my point. Is anyone getting questions on those bits that no questions? Okay, Sounds like what understands that? Sorry, um, question for you, though, it’s more. It’s a lot easier when you’ve got a label on a product like that, because that’s the label on the product. Yeah, When you’ve got a product which has minimal, minimal graphics, it’s very, very difficult to do what you’re saying. Yeah, Yeah. I don’t understand where you’re coming from. There. Um, on board. Yeah, we’re talking about more of physical product is a little bit more challenging. But then obviously, you’ve got that second image where you can capitalize on that and you’ve got your subsequent images where you can capitalize on that. And you’ve got your title, the first X characters, your title depending on mobile or tablet or desktop to explain those fine details that you deem very important. Um, it is obviously a balancing act. Um, but you’re you’re gonna wanna put on one of those threats. You can’t put on all of them and go. I wanna include order, my keywords and all of those trigger points and all of the important things in the title. It’s not feasible. Um, on there isn’t always gonna be one perfect answer. Especially especially reducing the amount of keywords you can actually words, Words you can actually use in the table. Andi, I’m correct. Is it going to get less? Is it going to get less? You saying like in the next few weeks, you’ve heard that it’s going to decrease or e. When I first started selling stuff on television, people have titles that were like Paragraphs long. Now, when you try to put any information on, if you use, if you actually use the same template, which has information from year ago, it makes you correct. You’re product name or the title, whatever you call it part description. The first thing that you see don’t less than 200 characters not includes the spaces. Yeah, they’re looking to make it more concise, someone that is going to get less, which makes it even more difficult. I guess it’s rather than anything else. It is more difficult. I guess you’re saving graces. Everyone’s in the same boat s. So it’s not as if some people have got an exception to that rule. So it’s just thinking what’s important to you? What needs your submission? You looking to double down on where you’re gonna focus your advertising, etcetera on also then incorporating the images as much possible to kind of do that selling for you? Um, but ultimately, you know, I read a really good points out of your own. If you look atyour primary search terms and you look at the Page one for those search terms on, Be honest with yourself and go do actually deserve to be. Here is my product. Offering on that means the product itself as well as the price on. Do you know the delivery service, which we assume is crime? Is that compelling enough and has deserved to be on page one for for this particular search term on? But sometimes it’s not the case. Sometimes the people are hoping for the best possible things in the world to go. Well, you know, I should be on page one, but then you’ve got to be asking yourself, OK, have I nailed everything that it requires me on page one and from a customer’s perspective, because obviously the customer is looking for with this, they’re looking for high protein water, which tastes nice, is a fair price is delivered fast. That’s ultimately what they’re looking for. If they were £42 when it came in at a completely see here, these guys have done it wrong. Based on our previous example, 21 count each one, so I don’t know exactly how much don’t reach. But let’s say there were £42. Instead, you’d be like, I don’t I don’t think it’s really fair. They don’t deserve to be there on that page one. So it’s sometimes you’re gonna be kind of a hard look at your product. You’re your old offering and go Does it deserve to be there on bond? Regardless of how many words or characters you’re allowed in the title, it doesn’t make a difference. You’re kind of capped at the same at the same length. So it comes down to, you know, is it fair that I should be there? Um, Constantine, you had a question here. Would the 12 grand part of the keywords, as you’re suggesting it to be included on the title? Um, you may, or you may not. So, as a whole, I would include it in the title where I include it is a different story. Um, high protein is different to exactly how much protein high protein is. Obviously keyword zero sugar is a key word. Energizing B vitamins, perhaps less search volume. So perhaps if I was going to say about one, um So maybe I put 12 g high protein, for instance, and immediately they’re getting to one there. You’re still getting your search number pi protein tick, but you also thinking in the 12 g in there on that, waiting off the title in terms of your relevance and your copy and how much that’s going to impact. Your ranking shouldn’t be impacted too much if you put the 12 g and their people are gonna be searching 12 g for sure, but they’re going to clock that straight away to go. Okay, it’s got 12 g. I would have been including this 12 times, five for the middle. I think it just makes it more confusing. I’d like to book and that at the end, a lot of information should be a kind of available here. Anyway, if you’ve done your job, correct. So here, 21 99 counts doesn’t really make sense. For 98 a liter doesn’t really make sense. 16. 99 counts. All of these people have done it slightly wrong here. These guys are just should have done it massively wrong. So you see all of this on this page one here is actually a bit of a joke How so many of them have just got it wrong? Um, they could restructure it a little bit to make it much easier. So I’m scrolling through £81 a kilo. I mean, that doesn’t really mean anything to me, To be honest. £21 account. Okay, you’re making me work for 12 of them. Okay, so it’s cost me about £2 each 11 90. Whatever s o. That’s what you need to use your trigger terms. Yes, but also committed the final details here. Let’s hope that aren’t your question, Constantine, but let me know if it doesn’t chat. Thanks. Got it. Beautiful. Okay, So any other questions on those points there? I’ve only got one final piece to make. And whilst it’s not my area of expertise, that’s normally have man choose. I was gonna just briefly touch on advertising because it’s the discussion of happy in having standing Tim on one of the things I wanted to bring up in advertising actually must have got that screenshot there. That worked perfectly. So I want to talk a little bit about being defensive as well as offensive with our advertising strategy on in essence. What I mean by this is the kind of prerequisite when we think about advertising is for us to go out there. Andi grab customers from wherever we can, and that is grabbing. Customers who were searching particular terms is grabbing customers who are searching related terms, thinking that they may also be interested in your product. So if it’s coming back to school and they’re searching at books and stuff like that, there may also be interested in because they’re searching books and Children’s school products. There may also be interested in Children’s sports, where a swell a little bit further than the funnel, but you’re making them aware. So all of this is going out there on your offensive strategy to try and attract people, grab people and pull them into your funnel. Hopefully make a sale. Absolutely find no dramas that whatsoever. But on the flip side, we also need to be playing defense like any sports and pretty much the world. You can’t always win or consistently win. Just by being offensive, you need to play the defensive game as well. On advertising is absolutely the same. On here is a great example of a brand that is doing a good job with this. That could certainly be doing better. So what I mean by offensive is preventing other people from coming onto your listing coming onto your pages on essentially placing their out to look and try and pull people’s attention across to their list. IQ Andi. Pull them away off of your kind of place or point of sale onto their 0.0.27 So these guys at the moment Cabinet relatively new brand who had a really, really good things. They’re a great example of brand that’s executing is quite well because what they’re doing is they’re obviously bidding on their own product listing, as you can see here with my squiggly lines, what this means is, you know they’re not bidding just the same product that could arrange. So when it’s going products related to the item, you’ve got sponsored thing right there. I can’t stroll, unfortunately, but they’re bidding on that over and over again, with many different other listings in their range, which means that occupied all of this shelf space on his shelf space, Four stars and above occupy again. So anyone browsing and looking for related products instead of seeing 34567 14 other people’s products, other brand products. The only thing yours which keeps you front and center but also means, if anything else in that kind of range, is attracting them. They’re clicking off your product. Only go on to another one of your products, so you’re still much more likely to get sale. So the work you have done to get them to your page in the first place is not gonna be complete lost. Whereas you could have paid for an ad on the front with your offensive work for a key term brought them on. Someone could then clicked off to another competitor. Instead, they’re clicking off onto you. The reason why it not performing perfectly is have left these two holes here open for someone else to go in, Uh, a messaging around how? Uh oh, so I wasn’t sure what I was talking to me that, um so yeah, the key take away from this is ensuring that we kind of blocking off any opportunities that competitors have to come and bid on your product listening to ensure that our conversion rates are as high as possible. on. If there there are kind of conversion happening elsewhere, it’s on your other product. Ranges Herman. She’s covered in snow. A lot more detail. It’s just something I want to reinforce again during today’s chat. Does anyone have any fun comments in that before you kind of tie things up? Hi, George. Sorry about that. That was my wife and with sharing the office. So, yeah, I was gonna ask. So when you’re talking about targeting those two spaces there what? Obviously, Amazon have quite a lot of control over what goes there, Especially if people are doing automatic add or even product ads. So would you suggest? I mean, how would you suggest that? We kind of be more defensive in that in those particular spots that short? So a lot of it is going to come down to product targeting again. Obviously being more specific Haman shoes. Certainly, Manto, ask off the exact campaign type for each place. But to my limited understanding, which is why we have a mansion. It’s all about product targeting. So you’re taking your own essence and you’re looking to bid on your own masons across, um, with with an array of other products that you have available to you on. This just essentially shuts that back door stops, other people coming in. Obviously, they’ve got different placement names and our types and all that sort of thing, which, where Haman, who is going to come in when we can kind of have a bit of a follow up? I think he may have been a quick win before on being defensive. I’ll have a look in the community afterwards, but if not, I’ll going to put a little posting about the different types of offensive campaigns. But we could do on DMA or of a specific breakdown of how you can implement them. So exactly what the name of them now risk. They seem to change with the time, which is why I’m not as familiar as he is with the most latest terms S O. That will probably help you a little bit more. But yeah, a lot of it is down the product. I’m bidding on their own Mason. So when you’re putting your search and report and you’re seeing you’re converting on on A since, um, that obviously opens up an opportunity, but that’s something you want to be aware off. Um, so I haven’t asked you a question in mind. Poor, um, on entering style because I’m actually done a much better job there. Yeah, I think. Awesome folks. So no other points to may. Hopefully, that has bean. That’s beneficial for everyone. It’s recorded so we can go back on bond. What again? If you need, I’ll make a note for Te’o for the rest of you on dfo Haman to to go in on bond. Explain a little bit more about how we can set up different venta Matt campaigns. Eso you could go and implement them. I believe he’s covered some of already in one of those three or four advertising course he’s got out of the moment. But that’s all for me, Guys. I hope you will have a good day and I’ll speak to you when I speak to you next to these guys to judge. Thanks, George