06/01/2021 – PPC Live Q+A with Himanshu


In this episode we discuss:

🔹 Target In-Market Audience

🔹 Retargeting

🔹 Automatic Targeting

🔹 Using Broad & Phrase keywords (Manual Targeting)

🔹 Video Ads

🔹 Target your own products

🔹 Search Terms (Listing)

You can find a further written explanation into each of these here.


[0:00:02] spk_1: Hello. Thank you for joining. Uh, today’s monthly BBC Q and A. I think I only have Linda right now. Hey, Linda. Hi, I Thanks for joining. We have another guest, Tim. Let’s see. Hate him. Perhaps we can wait for another one or two minutes for this to join. Okay? Okay. All right. So I think we can get started. And so welcome back. Once again, Linda and Tim thank you guys for joining this PPC Q and A session. Perhaps it’s like the first week off off the new years. That’s why not Mind people are here today. Onda First of all, happy New Year guys on hope you have a great Christmas time in a great holiday period. And welcome back again. Eso this Q And a session is about any questions that you have regarding PPC. You can feel free to post them in the chat or you can even speak up if you like Onda. Uh, after that, if we have some time, I can also talk about some of my discoveries recently while managing the different counts. So I’m the if you guys don’t know me. I’m the account manager at launch Board. I managed the different accounts. So I just like to talk about the discovery zin and whatever I have learned from my experience managing these accounts, so, yeah, feel free to post your questions. All right, So I think there are any questions. I guess in that case, maybe I can start over a topic that I had for today on. Meanwhile, if you do have any questions, you can feel free to share them. All right, So I’m searching to the other slide. Hope you guys can see my screen if you can’t just let me know. Right? So we now have Bronwyn as well. Hey, Bronwyn. Oh, okay. Eso Recently, I’ve been working. Like for some accounts, what I’ve seen is there comes a point when you have bean advertising for quite a long time. And you have bean like you have been using the right keywords of everything set up on you are using various different campaigns and everything. But you are at a stage where you are not getting more number of impressions. But you really want to scale up in terms off. Maybe the visitors who are visiting your store page your problem detail page as well as, um um, others. Um, just one second. Sorry about the network issue. Can you guys, I think can help me find otherwise, just to let me know? Yeah. So I was talking about how you can, like, reach out to more number of shoppers When you are already at a maximum level off getting the impressions, you have all the keywords that up, you are using various different campaigns. And and these are the different options that I’ve come of it. I’ve just listed them so that it makes it easier. And you can try them out as well and see if that’s working. If that works for you as well, I’m pretty sure that these will and yeah, so we can get started talking about them. So the first one that we have is the in market audience. So these are basically the people who are browsing the categories, similar categories or maybe the same category or subcategory, in which you are selling your products. For example, if you are selling, let’s say protein bars. Then they might be the shoppers who are looking for the products which are maybe the health supplements or related products and the categories so you can target those people because, uh, some of them might already have considered buying your products. Some of them might not have yet. So you are reaching out to them before they have even considered buying your products. So you are making them discover your product. And in many cases, people are interested in buying the product because they got to discover them. And, uh, that’s how in market audience targeting in market audience can be helpful now foreign market audience or, you know, targeting the categories of specific products. Amazon provides you with various different options now. So this year or, I would rather say, the last year we had some new additions thio the the advertising options, the campaign options. We already had the sponsored products where we had the category targeting or product targeting Onda. We now have the sponsor brands eso with sponsored brands. Earlier, we only had the option off key words, but now we have the option off targeting the categories or the specific products, and same is the case with sponsor display. Now, sponsor display has already bean about the audiences about the people who are viewing categories and are all specific products, so you can use sponsored product sponsor brands or sponsor display or a mix off all of them to target in market audience. Another option that we have, which is soon gonna be available in the UK It’s already launched in the U. S. Last year, and it must be there available anytime soon in the UK market place. It should have been lost already, but it must be coming soon enough. So retargeting is basically the option that Amazon is giving for you to target the audience or the visitors to your response to your problem detail page for the next 30 days. If they haven’t yet made any purchase. And it’s not just the visitors to your own product page, these can also be visitors toe similar product detail pages as well, so you can choose to target those audiences who have visited because maybe you targeted in market audience or you targeted some other groups off people and you are now retargeting to them for the next 30 days. For them to take any action and again, retargeting is is also pretty good in many cases, as as from my experience, the US marketplace so far. Apart from that, we have the automatic targeting. So this is something that we you must have tried already on. We usually start with because this is the simplest and the easiest to begin with. And automatic targeting does help you target. You don’t specify keywords its Amazon, who is, uh, targeting your products to specific again categories. It includes categories. It also includes lose keywords, customer search terms. So it’s pretty much everything like it’s a It’s a mix of both keywords and products, but it’s not. It’s not us who decide which keywords of products it’s Amazon based on the relevancy determined by algorithms. And the details available on your product detail page or a merry tabling is another way. And if you have, maybe you can leverage portfolios and separate portfolio for something like band discovery of product discovery. And there you can. You can be using automatic targeting just to see, because these targeted campaigns can sometimes be, uh, highly cost intensive. No highly may be relatively highly, if relatively higher. If you if you are not using any negative keywords or negative product targeting, and you are making that discover your products so this can be more expensive. So in that case, you can create separate portfolios, maybe set some budget limits and see how much conversion you are getting. And as a as a final point, I would like they’re gonna be a good But don’t forget to measure the impact you might not see directly the impact off. You know more getting more people to see your products to CEO your product detail page. Um, you might get a lift in the organic sales, even within the next 14 days or next 15 days as well. So it’s very crucial to measure that impact overall organically as well as on PPC to see if it’s helping. And you can run separate portfolios to control them and set the targets accordingly. Any questions so far? All right, so the next option that we have is broad and phrases keywords. So now, apart from the manual targeting, one of the popular targeting options we get is the manual targeting Andi with manual targeting. If you’re using exact keywords, that’s that’s good for the US because we know that the executive words do help with a better conversion because we control the search terms that the customers type, and we know that broad and phrase match types do invite some irrelevant or less relevant search terms as well. However, at the same time, they are helping you reach more customers because, uh, everybody like each person, might be typing, uh, searching for the same product or the same type of product differently They might be, including misspellings, which Amazon recommends, including in your keyword list. So you can include misspellings or synonyms or different ways, and sometimes it’s difficult to think off all of them. So that’s when broad and phrase helps, because you are discovering through search some reports when you look at the search from reports, you can see the customer search terms and looking at the same reports, you can also all right, so, yeah, I think somebody waas a muted. Okay, I’ve just muted everybody if you if you want to speak of just a mute yourself and feel free to speak up. Okay, so I was on broadened phrase keywords, So these will help you get more audiences, and you can leverage sponsor searched from reports and see which keywords or which products are relevant and which are not if you are spending on some of the key words or products which are not relevant, which are just causing span, and you can include them as negative keywords or negative products. Another option that we have is video ads again video ads. I generally mean sponsored plans video. Here you get the option off. The only option you get in fact, is the keyword targeting. But this one seems to have a much higher CTR. In fact, that’s what I’ve seen with pretty much all the accounts that I’ve seen. It has a higher CTR off around 1 50 to 200%. So that means that more and more people are seeing this product seeing the ad, and it also tends to have a better conversion of the video is conveying the message in a brand story more effectively. So what? Video ads? What you’re doing is you might be targeting the keywords, but maybe X number of people out off. All the targeted people are actually clicking on your ad or paying attention to that. But video ads does grab that attention, and that’s why you’re getting more eyeballs to your
ad and getting more and more people to visit your product detail page. So that’s when video ads become more useful and a very good way to reach more shoppers. Another way is, which is quite interesting, and I’ve been trying this for quite some time. It’s really helping is targeting your own products. Now, when you target your own products, you you already have some audience, some customers off yours, or maybe those who know your brand from the ad that they have seen recently, or or any any other way you can showcase your other product ranges to them by targeting your own product detail page again. You can use sponsored products, sponsor brands or sponsor display. Just like for targeting other products, you can target your own products. It’s gonna be the same way, but the advantage is that you are targeting your own audience. And so, for instance, again, if you are selling protein powders and protein bars and your audience already knows about your protein protein bars, and that’s how they are coming to a product detail page, they may be interested in your other product and would be more confident buying that because they know your product already so you’re leveraging your own audience in that case, and also when you are running different ads to drive traffic to your store page or your product detail page and you’re targeting the other products on your on your product detail, page your other products. Then you are making them discover and also creating a stronger brand presence that your brand has a bigger portfolio off offerings Now the next option, which is not really directly related to advertising but does have an impact, is the search terms. You do have an option to add search terms in your product listings at the back of the list, and you have that when you go to added product option. Inside the inventory, you have the search terms option. So when you include those search terms, which are crucial, you tend to have better placements or better targeting with order targeted ads and at the same time, ah, higher number of impressions with manual targeting because Amazon, even though you are using the keyword through ads, but that keyword is not present anywhere on your product detail page, nor in the search terms than you are less likely to get impressions and this is one of the major issues that you face when you are running ads and you are using keywords which are not directly, which are not present in your product detail. Page of Search Trump’s and look like When you are facing this issue that you are choosing the right keywords. You are kind off having a very competitive better but still not getting any impressions or or few impressions. Then it’s time to really include those keywords in your product detail page anywhere in the title bullet points of product description as as well as in the search terms, this will really help you and to the last point, which is. Do not forget to measure the impact off your product. Discovery. You can leverage business supports where you get the overall sales and you can see the sales how they changed after running ads on uh, it is improving, then certainly is having an impact indirectly, and you can factor that in when calculating the final advertising cost and return on advertising spend and this will help you further said the right goals, and you keep using encourage you more toe. Be continuing to use thes options and Lastly, you can also include you can also look at repeat purchases because if you’re getting acquiring new customers, so there’s a when you go to brand analytics, you have the support called repeat purchases, where you also get to know the unique customers off the new customers who are buying from your, um, buying your products and you can. You can see how much that is getting impacted. And what’s your repeat purchases rate? Because if one new customers getting you about four or five repeat purchases or X number of repeat purchases, then it’s worthwhile it can be further factored in in the golds. All right, so I have a question from Linda, which is about the video ads, whether they are available in the UK Well, yes, they are available in the UK, and they are available under the sponsor brands option. So when you’re setting up a new campaign, you can select sponsor brands, and there you will find the video option. So again, you can just feel free to one second. I think I have got Aidan s well joining. Okay, so you can just feel free toe, post your questions and also be adding this post a za quick win on the launch for academy. So this is This is basically the quick one for this week that I’m gonna be posting. So if you have just missed Hey, Adam. Oh, yeah, I think you have. You have missed up the word about this ways to reach more shoppers, but don’t worry about it. I’ll be adding this as a quick mint as well today, thank you. And thanks for joining today’s session. By the way, Happy New Year. New Year grandes. Okay, so we have a question from Linda Sponsor brands more cost effective than sponsored products, but it totally depends on each account. To be honest, I have seen most of the times uh, sponsored products more cost effective because you are targeting individual products. But at the same time, sponsored brands also sometimes outperform sponsored products in cases, and they also do have a much larger or bigger halo effect, I would say, because using the sponsor brands, you are making your other products discover as well. And if you include the right CTS on the sponsor brands, then I think they can be as effective as sponsored products, and I would really recommend trying a mix of both to see the impact in your particular case. Okay. Any Any more questions? Agent? Do you have any questions?

[0:19:59] spk_0: No. So I’m I’m just mostly joining to listening. And sorry I’m late for the call.

[0:20:05] spk_1: That’s completely fine. Maybe I can off later. I can like running truth. Whatever I have discussed today, I’m completely okay with that.

[0:20:17] spk_0: Okay? Yeah. And if you haven’t done so already, would you be able Thio may be summarized. What? What’s in the new launch part? And the training on advertising, if you haven’t done that already.

[0:20:36] spk_1: Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. So it’s in progress right now, So I’m soon gonna be posting the new module. It’s gonna be, uh, like more Lindy, because there’s gonna be much more number of videos, and it’s gonna be, like, intermediate level. So so far, whatever has been shared, it’s like, basic. That’s like the level to you and say so. Yeah, thanks. Thanks for reminding about that. It’s in progress, but it will soon be available.

[0:21:06] spk_0: And would you be able to summarize what at the level one lessons are and maybe what? How we could use those lessons.

[0:21:15] spk_1: Yeah, sure. So so far, there are two levels that I’ve shared. One is level level one, which is more of an introduction. So here I’m majorly talking about the advertising in general and the different terms and a quick introduction. Thio, Uh, the different advertising options, the different act types. And on that in level two, I talk about, I walked through the advertising console, the different options available, how you can set up campaigns, how you can manage those campaigns and how you can leverage the bulk operations option, which is which is also there if you have got a bigger list of campaigns and all you are using maybe Excel based tools two for automation. So I talked about that as well. In the level three, which I’m gonna be posting soon there it is gonna be more about how you can optimize your campaigns without the different strategies that you can use, which, which are like the commonly used strategies that work and how you can measure the impact to reports, the different reports that are available and how you can leverage them. So I’ll be going through all of that in level three.

[0:22:36] spk_0: Okay, can I ask you if I’m pretty new to at advertising? But, um, I better off trying to use the book load or in what circumstances would you use? The book loads off Excel loading rather than creating the campaigns manually.

[0:22:57] spk_1: It’s usually helpful when you have a big list of campaigns. Otherwise, the Amazon you I is much more friendly and less prone to errors as well, because when you are using bullshit, you have to be very cautious about the formats because it’s an excel on duh. It may initially be a little bit daunting as well the different styles and different, uh, and the different options. But on the U I, it’s much, much easier. But if you have a big list of campaigns and you, I doesn’t really becomes more time intensive. So that’s when you can use the bulk operations. Because, let’s say if you want to change the name off 10 campaigns or you want to change the budget off 10 campaigns, then you can simply download the bullshit, made those changes at the same time, and then just upload that rather than going inside each campaign like clicking inside each campaign than making the changes than going back, clicking at another on another campaign and then doing those manually. So that’s the ideal scenario when one must be using the bulk operations option.

[0:24:06] spk_0: Yeah, but, Aziz, you point out you would mostly download the book. Having set up the campaigns are already, let’s say so, that you’re only making small changes rather than populating 200 fields in a sheet.

[0:24:24] spk_1: I would say that even for a bigger number off like changes, you can still use bulk upload option. Okay, It’s just that if you have, like very few campaigns, like four or five campaigns or, like very, very limited number of campaigns than I would rather go with the option because that’s that’s less prone to errors. That’s the first thing on Second its’s easier on the U. S. Because it’s represented in the form off drafts in the form off other visuals. So it’s it’s easier for me. It’s easier to do through the EU, I

[0:25:04] spk_0: and, um so that the reason that you’d have multiple campaigns is for different keywords. Is that right?

[0:25:13] spk_1: Yeah, you could have different campaigns for different words. You can also have them for maybe different strategies. The goals are different with different campaigns, so there could be multiple reasons for the different campaigns. But yes, that’s also one of the strategies off having multiple campaigns for different keywords sets.

[0:25:34] spk_0: Okay, so then so I could control the bids, then per keyword. And I get a complete set of controls at the campaign level. So that’s why we set up multiple campaigns. Yeah, that’s right. Okay. Do you recommend using any? So any campaign, any automation software, or have you used any software? If you had, like, lots and lots of campaigns.

[0:26:05] spk_1: Yeah. So when you have lots of campaigns, yes, it makes sense to use automation Softwares, but at the same time, you can’t be completely hands off of them on duh, because first of all, they are completely like if you do them manually, you can be much more creative. You can also be like you can make much better changes manually. That’s what I feel with automation. If you have, like, less time to spend on managing the advertising, and I would like going with automation because that controls in real time, your beds and everything, just to ensure that you are keeping like a certain a course percentage or, you know, a certain sales goals. You are, you are You’re going for that but at the same time. But still you have. I would really recommend looking at your campaigns and doing manual changes as well. You just need to keep an eye even after having those information auctions. And also like, if you have those new additions to Amazon, which is happening on a much more regular basis now, these things take time to be implemented. Incorporate these automation software

[0:27:19] spk_0: the features air less in the in the software rather than in the core to platform.

[0:27:26] spk_1: Yeah, that’s right. And that’s more like an autopilot mode. I would say, Yeah, more like an old pilot.

[0:27:34] spk_0: Okay, I guess I just got to dive into the train and really so like, would I start with the two with 123 minute course or

[0:27:45] spk_1: Yeah, I think that goes from very basic to more advanced level. That’s gonna be complete, very comprehensive course. And that’s the reason why we needed thes advertising courses. We did have ah bunch of videos earlier as well, which we are now trying to just replaced with these new videos. And the main idea is to make it as comprehensive as possible and share the best practices so that you you can manage yourself most of the things if you are willing. So Okay. Yeah. So how how has being the results with the PPC? Like, I think you started recently, right?

[0:28:32] spk_0: Yes, I started recently, and unfortunately, my account got suspended. So and I guess, Ah, if you just bear with me I just opened the sheet where I was that I was using this. Okay, so, like, what happened? Waas and we had a piece of identification of past passport that wasn’t signed on. The account was approved and we were working away on him. Okay. Ah, they they just suspended our account. And on bond, it took eight weeks or nine weeks to get the account back. Okay, So a bit of a disaster.

[0:29:20] spk_1: Yeah, I understand being unfortunate.

[0:29:24] spk_0: Yes, that they just turned. I just checked the account and it was turned back on one day. I know. I didn’t get any mail to say. You are now enabled or nothing to say. Go ahead. You can start a game so It’s just one of those things where they am. Dave just didn’t dio, you know. Didn’t really let me know what was going on. Yeah. Yeah, you

[0:29:50] spk_1: understand? That’s quite that’s, like, the different problems with Alison sometimes.

[0:29:57] spk_0: Yeah. And would you Would you mind if if I kind of showed you where? If people on the call don’t mind. Can I show you where I am with this?

[0:30:09] spk_1: Yeah, I think that should be okay.

[0:30:11] spk_0: Okay. I can’t share of the moment.

[0:30:19] spk_1: Let me let me enable this option. Thanks. Okay, good. Now,

[0:30:37] spk_0: I don’t know if you can see this, but this is the last advertising that I had on the’s ones were I think you told me the last call that they were when the ace and appears in the search term. It’s like my add on add from my product, my ace, and appeared on that product page. Yeah, that’s right. So? Well, yeah. So I had a That’s I wondered what whether we could set up a nod on this search term or her. Or what’s the best course of action then? Or is there any course of action to take?

[0:31:22] spk_1: Yeah. So if you like, go to the right. You will also see if you’ve got any sale for the search term.

[0:31:29] spk_0: No, there’s only there’s one sale. Essentially, no, there’s no sales for they searched her.

[0:31:35] spk_1: Yeah, So if that’s the case, then first of all, you can look at look up this product on Amazon and see if it is related to your product. Because this is this is a result off automatic targeting. When you get to see the the essence in the customer search terms. And if that’s related to your product and it makes sense, then yes, you can target this product. Most of the times the performance on the rights, especially the sales. I really a good, like a way to know better. We should be targeting this product.

[0:32:11] spk_0: Yeah, like we’re at the stage now where we’re trying to generate any sales at all. Like essentially, we you know, we have some work to do, I think, on our optimization of the product. Bush, the only sale we have was set up was initiated by the brand owner with a customer to try to generate some sales. So, like their products are around £200 and these ones that one that it’s appearing on are much cheaper. So they’re like 50 quid. So they’re 20% of the price that you have this vintage in common. So Ares is a is a cast iron, the war lantern, whereas this one is probably plastic Mhm. So, yeah, like what? At the moment these campaigns were set up to kind of start to try to learn something about how to, you know what, what to do with our advertising, I suppose.

[0:33:10] spk_1: Mhm. Yeah. And I saw one sale on one off the other keyboards. I

[0:33:16] spk_0: guess this is the one that so this is the sale. That was that the brand organized offline and said, Listen, go in and buy that product So too, but they didn’t. So the customer search term uses the brand heart is the brand name, rather than rather than a real search term like these air search terms that are appropriate for our product. And then these red ones are weather, weather, globe, which is a different thing. It’s like a like a Christmas thing where you shake and it’s it’s not. I don’t know why they’re there, but I sort of excluded those because they’re

[0:33:58] spk_1: that’s the right product. That’s that’s mainly because off the automatic targeting some, it can really target for some relevant terms as well. They are mentioning the other day. So, yeah, that should be that. So you can. You can also include this as a negative keyboard so that you stop targeting for this product. This search term and, yeah, I think, like you said that product detail page also can be optimized so that you can call out the product features and tell exactly why the product cost this much. And and at the same time, you know, the images and everything can further help. If I look at the impressions, I think the impressions are very, very low in number. Yeah, something that I was sharing in today’s school. I learned to be sharing a recording. I forgot to tell you about that So you can you can leverage these options that I’ve shared today, and you can try out those different campaigns to make it discoverable. And two more and more number of people, because for some people, price doesn’t really matter. If the product is really good. Eso eso You can find that out. You can just get toe, get more number of people seeing your ad and just see the impact. And I would also recommend having a video. Okay, We can really have can really get you a better conversion. And also more people to see your problem because people are more interested in viewing video ads. It’s like higher CTR and everything.

[0:35:39] spk_0: One of the things that we we just got our brand trademark registered now. So we have the ability to do sponsor brand and, you know, and set up the all the extra pieces that are related to brown registry. But because the because the results have been so you know, so, so poor so far, we’re just sort of deciding whether to go ahead. You know, we’re not sure whether to go ahead to any further, you know?

[0:36:12] spk_1: Mhm. Yeah, I understand. Yeah, I think again, like so good that you have got the brand register. So which means that you can try Amazon brand registry option, which really give you the April space content option as well. And you can you can drive. It adds to see if probably you can get a good number off sales after that. So I would really recommend trying this out first and and see, because because with the ads option, you have the ability to reach out toe to a lot of people toe huge audience millions of people who are on Amazon right now and really see how how it turns out.

[0:37:04] spk_0: Okay, so, um so, like, do I keep going with the automatic then, like this hasn’t been running. It’s only been running about two weeks, I think.

[0:37:16] spk_1: Yeah. And and have you also set up a manual campaign?

[0:37:19] spk_0: No, We got suspended then. So that’s why I started. Stop looking at it.

[0:37:23] spk_1: I would recommend going to the manual one as well, because spending maybe slightly less wrong the ordinary campaign. Because, like you can see that you are getting higher number of impressions on something which is completely relevant on you are spending on this. So and you also don’t control how much you spend on a particular keyword with automatic campaign. Oh, yes, of course. I would really recommend trying out a manual campaign and also the category, or rather subcategory because since the price eyes a bit high, so I would really suggest going very, very like reaching out to a particular audience first. Uh,

[0:38:11] spk_0: how do how do I do that? What did you call that? So category

[0:38:16] spk_1: subcategory. So this is something that I was talking about in today’s, uh so this is a new option that you get from all the different types today, like sponsored product sponsor display and sponsor brands. So there you have the option to target using, um, target, particular product or category or subcategory, And there you can select categories or some categories on, and you can target those products. Are you using helium 10 by chancel also gives you the option to find out your competitors, and you can target those competitors. You can also target people who are sending out a closer price than your product there. You have also a good chance. But I would still recommend at first trying out with even even against smaller price products as well, because people can still buy the product. If if they really like it, then they’ll buy it.

[0:39:19] spk_0: Yeah, provided you explain the difference. The justification for the higher price.

[0:39:25] spk_1: Yeah, like you now have Amazon a Pless option available because you have your brand registered eso again that you can You can try a plus. You can set up a store page. You can also include a video, all these three combines. It should further improve your chances of getting more cities.

[0:39:42] spk_0: Do you have links for training for these? For a plus for storefront

[0:39:51] spk_1: I can share the links with you on. Uh, there’s a There’s also I think, Seller University on South Central That should have some videos. I just said today and I also share them with you.

[0:40:04] spk_0: The storefront just looks fairly straightforward. All I mean yeah. Have you done it before?

[0:40:12] spk_1: Yes, we have done the snow friend and it’s like you said, it’s pretty easy. Um, there you have all the options on the left side. It’s more like a I think Dragon drop option now? Yeah, so that that should be easier, But I think I can reach out. I can check with George because he’s got hey, he knows some people who are doing a good job. It’s difference. So maybe way can we can get much better idea here from there. So I just check with George as well.

[0:40:45] spk_0: Um, okay, that’s how It’s a good ideas. Thank you for that.

[0:40:50] spk_1: Any time and for today’s session, like, um, I’ll be sharing a recording as well. So? So I don’t miss our would be discussed today.

[0:41:01] spk_0: Okay, I listen to the first two piece of mist and thanks

[0:41:06] spk_1: stories. So any, any more questions? Anybody? Let’s do, let me know. I think we have another 12 or 15 minutes. Okay, so I think we don’t have any other questions. So if you do have any more questions, just you can feel free to reach out to me via email as well. Hp at rate, uh, launch listening people dot com. Or you can also post your questions on the launchpad academy, which I would highly recommend so that everybody can see and I’ll share their sponsors there.

[0:41:45] spk_0: Is there a particular place to post the questions? Like a community?

[0:41:50] spk_1: Yeah, you can. On the launch for community option, you can. There’s also Amazon for yeah, you can. You can post your questions there and I’ll be notified. Or you can also just, uh, add me there and then I’ll be happy to respond to the questions.

[0:42:12] spk_0: Okay. Sounds good. Thank you.

[0:42:16] spk_1: Great. Thanks. to you. Two guys for joining and Aiden for joining. And Yeah, have a great day. Cheers. Provide Cheers. Bye.