Copy Successful Launch Strategies

Sometimes you don’t need to be original

I know everyone is always like “you’ve got to be unique”

And when you’re creating a product, you certainly do need to have that unique selling proposition

Otherwise why the hell am I going to pick yours over someone else’s?

But when it comes to marketing

You don’t need to spend months plugging away on the whiteboard trying to reinvent the wheel

For argument’s sake, you’ve got a product launch coming up

And the big dog has passed down the message that

It needs to make a SPLASH.

You and the team are shitting it as you’ve got nothing special yet

But do you need to be different with your marketing?

Do you need a completely new strategy or can you just execute an existing strategy well?

If we consider what makes a successful launch on Amazon we’re probably just thinking about sales, right?

Some others will be factoring in how long it takes you to get to page 1 for your target search terms – good work. That means not just short-term success but the potential for long-term if you can hold firm with your new position.

Finally, top of the food chain here, will be thinking how can they achieve 1 and 2 but also grab some emails.

After all, making 1 sale from someone is good, but ACQUIRING a customer is much better. I’m highlighting acquiring because I think Amazon is so transactional, customers rarely connect with the brand, unless the brand’s doing some clever shit before/after the sale.

Which is what we’re gonna be looking at today.

Because that is the ultimate launch strategy

“How did it go” – Big dog

“We achieve 1000 sales, in 10 days, we’re ranked on page 1 for 3 of our 5 target search terms and we’ve captured 1200 email addresses – 800 of which are customers” – You

So to achieve the above, do you need to think of something completely new?


You can literally copy what other brands are doing.

It all starts with the pre-sale. This is where we start buttering them up.

You’ve got some options here, but my recommendation is to use both your email list as well as social traffic (organic and paid) to generate leads.

I’ll introduce an example to explain this easier, let’s pretend you’re launching a new alcohol product that’s like beer but with lower calories (FYI this exists and it’s called Seltzer).

You whip up a nice little lead magnet, titled “How athletes can drink beer and not care about calorie counting”

It’s a shitty title, but it’s the best I can do at short notice – FYI I’m in a coffee shop watching a Yummy Mummy meeting explode because one poor baby just vommed across the table, so I’m not firing on all creative cylinders.

We’re going to push this lead magnet out to

  • Our mailing list
  • Our social media accounts as posts
  • Our social ad accounts

Upon clicking on the link to the article you kindly ask them for their email – not necessary for email subscribers as you can just tag them in your autoresponder.

What’s happened here is you’re collecting a bunch of people who are interested in low-calorie beer – or likely to be.

Over the following days, you’re going to deliver more value to them.

That could be “5 reasons why rice beer is healthier than normal”

OR simply introducing your new Seltzer product and generating some excitement around the launch

“We’re giving a years supply away when we launch, to enter just share this, all runners up get 30% rebate on their first order”

Again, bringing more people into the top of funnel whilst also introducing a special discount

What I’m talking about here IS NOT NEW.

It’s also not hard.

You’re simply creating a mini-funnel to bring in new potential customers, gather emails and generate launch excitement

So after your week or 2-week countdown (time not massively important), you do the final big push that you’ve launched

With CALLS TO ACTION littered across all available touchpoints

You send all of those that opted in an email with their instructions regarding a rebate (or promo, but rebates are what’s hot right now)

All of this traffic of yours is incredibly hot

Their purchase intent should be much higher

Because you’ve been working on them over the last few weeks

You’ve taken some from being ‘PROBLEM UNAWARE’ to ‘PROBLEM AWARE’

You’ve also then made them “SOLUTION AWARE”.

Finally, you’ve built up trust with them.

So now that you’re placing the solution to problem aware customers who trust you

They are much more likely to go through and purchase – with or without the incentive of a rebate/promo

You’re then driving this BEAUTIFUL traffic to Amazon

But not directly

Golly this is where it gets nice

You manipulate their journey to your Amazon listing

Just slightly

Because you want to maximise the benefit from all of your hard work

By increasing your RELEVANCE for those target search terms

You manipulate the journey by either using 2-step URLs or by implementing the ‘Search Find Buy’ technique

So all of that traffic

All of those conversions (add to basket)

And all of those sales (checkout)

Help you rocket up the sales rankings

Making this launch a complete success


To reiterate again

Like many things on Amazon or eCommerce in general

You don’t need to be the first person to think of a strategy

People get caught up in that

Just look for strategies out there that are working

And execute them well.