Convert More Browsers into Buyers

If you want to convert more browsers into buyers then here’s a quick 2-minute lesson…

The critical metric you MUST be tracking within your Amazon business is your Unit Session Percentage Rate. I.e. your conversion rate.

Calculated using the following formula…

Unit session percentage rate = units ordered / # of sessions

The average rate on Amazon is 12.3%. So…

…unless you’re selling high ticket items, if you’re significantly below that benchmark then you’re in choppy waters.   

How do you improve it?

Ensure your listings are optimised

If you’re generating a s**t ton of traffic yet no-one is buying then either your listings aren’t relevant to what the customer is looking for or…

Your sales page simply isn’t ‘retail ready’.

Which means you’ve failed to capture their attention.

You haven’t pulled on their desires and pain points enough to warrant them purchasing your product to solve their problem.

Listen, I cannot stress this enough…

If your brand, messaging or offer is weak, then NO-ONE will buy your product.

So why are sellers still throwing up shitty graphics that they’ve created themselves on Canva?

Why are they not commissioning high quality stock and lifestyle images plus video content?

Why are they not creating captivating consumer orientated copy that emotionally and logically connects with their customers?

Why are they not telling their brand story through A+ and store pages?

Why are they seeing their packaging as an after thought instead of a vital asset?

We’re seeing thousands of pounds burnt in advertising simply because sellers are driving consumers to bad listings.

It’s criminal.

These are the same sellers who moan, ”My ACoS scores are making things un-profitable. Amazon PPC doesn’t work”.

It does. Your listings and brand image are just terrible.

Which means people are walking in. Doing a quick scan. Turning around and walking straight back out.

Great work!

If you want to compete on Amazon in 2020 then you must stop devaluing your brand via inadequate listings.

Cast solid foundations first.

Invest in quality assets that drive sales.

Invest in your brand.

Build retail ready listings.

Then turn on the traffic tap and watch the sales flood in.

Make sense?