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 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
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Here is what I learned this week about Amazon (and other stuff):

Here’s what I learned this week (mainly Amazon stuff but also other nibbles):

1. Moving to a wine region for a month during Australian winter is an excellent idea. I never went to a wine tasting during British winter, yet I went to at least 6 last weekend.

2. Amazon A+ content does not have any weighting from a searchability perspective with the A9 algorithm, however, it does impact your searchability on Google. Straight from the horses mouth (Aric Annear – ex content man at Amazon) during my most recent podcast episode – listen here.

3. Working with Jeff Wilke (second in command at Amazon) instills a number of great characteristics. Automate, automate, automate is one of those, but the other is how to apologise for missing a Zoom call like an absolute boss – check it here.

4. Amazon is starting to highlight “lowest price in 30-days” on product detail pages, which could be a bad news sign for those slowly looking to creep up their prices and test price elasticity of demand.

5. 20% ACOS can be better than 10%. Too many get bogged down with this KPI. 10% could be generating you £1000 in ad sales, but 20% may generate you £10,000 in ad sales. Sure it’s 10% higher but you’ve also achieved; £9000 in additional revenue, a boost in reviews, organic rank increase, higher relevance score, plus have additional capital to reinvest in assets.

6. Investing in one Amazon Advertising product, say sponsored products, typically means you’re leaving lots of money on the table. Leverage as many as you comfortably can – but remember, don’t spread your budget too thin either.

7. You can’t run a big restaurant completely on your own, you’d not try to either, but so many attempt to run an Amazon business on their Todd. You don’t have to do this and you’re only slowing your progress by doing so. I’ve got links at the bottom that might be useful if you’re struggling.

8. I’m becoming shamefully obsessed with automating every facet of what I do. This week has been around repurposing content from my podcast, It’s Always Day One, to create searchable snippets on a recently formed (yesterday) YouTube Channel. Let me know your thoughts on this whole idea, it could be shit or it could be great.




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