George Reid

 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers


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Here is what I learned this week about Amazon (and other stuff):

1. Amazon are displaying brand stores inside the suggested searches when you start typing a keyword. Further reinforcing their push for brands on the marketplace. If you haven’t got your store yet and are eligible, quit being lazy it’s a few hour job to get some basic but solid up.

2. Amazon are not accepting new applicants for Seller Fulfilled Prime at the moment. They also released a note saying that just 16% of sellers in the US on the programme were adhering to the 2-day delivery promise for Prime. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the programme in the US, I feel the UK could be where it’s nailed first. A big part of the 16% is those not operating during weekends.

3. If you’re a Vice President at Amazon, the first thing you do after retiring is become an alcoholic. I found this out recently here.

4. Some Amazon Advertising agencies charge up to $750k a year just for their service of managing your PPC on the marketplace. Mad considering ours starts at £275 a month.

5. Amazon is delivering nearly 2/3’s of its own packages.

6. Blue light specs empower me at the same time as making me feel like a fool.

7. Prime Day during the Christmas build-up should be impacting the types of products you are submitting for deals.

8. Good creative is still an anomaly on Amazon – how are brands still getting this wrong?

9. You must have your own self-fulfillment operation setup if you are an Amazon seller. A single point of failure with regards to your fulfilment can crippled your business.




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