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β˜•Β What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers


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80% ACOS isn’t bad

Here’s what I learned this week:

1. I should stop getting remedial massages. They honestly just kick the shit out of me then charge me $90 for it.

2. There are always opportunities to save time through automation. I’ve been focusing really hard on automating as much as possible with the podcast, allowing me to free up time where I’m ultimately more valuable. How can you automate more?

3. Create large pieces of content all at once in order to break off smaller bits which you can drip feed your audience. I’m often thinking of good stuff to put out on LinkedIn, in emails, within the community. Sometimes people want little nuggets. My source is my podcast, I’m getting 40 minutes of solid content from industry experts, which I can repurpose over and over for my following. What content are you creating to deliver value to your audience? Can it be repurposed?

4. Don’t ignore Business Insider when they ask for comment. Amazon are adding a 2% tax onto their fees in the UK. This doesn’t mean you’re going from 15% to 17% btw, it’s 2% of your fee, not adding it on. Anyway Business Insider asked for comment, which would be the best publicity I’ve ever had, and I was on a bike ride – I’ve subsequently binned the bike.

5. Always respond to reviews on Amazon as a brand. I’ve seen some terrifically bad responses recently from virtual assistants logged in as themselves, which looks incredibly amateurish. Log in as a buyer with your brand information to reply.

6. You can get insane traction on Facebook groups that are still quite new by connecting with similar groups and cross-promoting. Facebook groups are an excellent opportunity for brands to create communities, which can be beautiful for building your relationship with your customers. This means more sales whichever way you look at it.

7. Amazon has sent out an email saying Prime Day will be between October 7th and November 3rd. Big news as it’s a huge opportunity to ramp up for the end of Q4 when traffic is pumping.

8. The best supplement company in the world doesn’t care about an 80% ACOS.


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