George Reid

 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers

🚀 Amazon influencers; 3000 examples; website pointers

1. Lego are so consistent. Check out the top search terms on Amazon over the last year.

2. Lovely example of creativity from Wickes. See link. One Minute Briefs are a good follow. Draw inspiration from how the winners think outside of the box whilst also remaining true to the brands philosophy.

3. Turns out I have over 3000 pieces of archived Amazon content inspo. Yep, I dug into the folders and discovered the team had heaps of unshared images. I’m rebuilding Amazon Creatives at the moment, it’s not technically launched fully but you can checkout the beta here. It looks a bit shit on mobile, so view on desktop, and please do share all your negative comments of what needs fixing for the alpha launch.

4. Ellenore was the global director of Kindle Content Risk Management at Amazon. A 13-year veteran gracing my podcast studio (not literally) to help all of us understand how Amazon looks at human resource management. I recently received a request on this topic, here is my delivery [Apple, Website].

5. Amazon continue to push influencers. Yep, we’re seeing “shop the look” appearing in key positions within the search results, and influencer pages sat inside. It’s difficult to jump on everything, but if you’ve got capacity you should certainly be jumping on new features when Amazon release them. It’s like asking yourself now if you could negotiate with that influencer who’s got 500k followers on the gram when they only had 10k followers, get in early whilst the platforms still building.

6. I deleted all my friends on Facebook. Using a handy tool actually. I use FB for work things a lot now, discovering content ideas, and checking out other brands. I don’t want to see what John, who I went to school with 15 years go, had for his Sunday dinner. Clearing out all the shit leaves me with time to focus on valuable things on Facebook.

7. Starting a post with fuck gets peoples attention. Echoing the above statement I’m also tired with a lot of the bollocks on LinkedIn. The way I see content is it’s got to deliver some form of value. I like it clean and simple. My podcast doesn’t start with a 15-minute shitty intro. These emails are bulleted. LinkedIn should offer me actionable insights not tossers trying to suck likes out of the general public to build fake authority. My full rant about LinkedIn.

8. 5 points to think about for your website. This guy Sam is a good follow. Part 3 is often missed when brands create graphics on Amazon, as well as copy. Part 4 should be a focal point when you build your storefront, have discussed this in prior emails. Part 5 is the same as part 3, build graphics that allow said viewer to consume the benefit in a split second.




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