Amazon Advertising


Amazon Advertising


Bespoke strategies, executed by Amazonian’s.


Discover The Launchpod Amazon Advertising Approach

LaunchPod’s Amazon account management team has internal knowledge of how PPC advertising on the marketplace works.  Allowing us to carefully evaluate all Amazon advertising opportunities, in order to build effective, results-orientated Amazon ads to grow your business.

Amazon Advertising Services that Considers Your Entire Business

Advertising Traffic

  • Audit & Optimization of Existing PPC Campaignsi icon
  • Complete Amazon Advertising Strategy Development
  • Sponsored Products Management
  • Sponsored Brand Management for massive exposure
  • Product Targeting For a Competitive Edge
  • Sponsored Video Ads
  • PPC Product Launches
  • Ongoing Campaign Optimization & Expansion
  • Ongoing Keyword/Search Term Research & Expansion
  • EU Marketplace Managementi icon

 Conversion (Listing)

  • Initial & Ongoing Listing Auditsi icon
  • Copy Editing & Rewriting Assistance
  • Backend Listing Checks & Backend Keyword Adjustments


Risk Free Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with your services, your investment is safe with LaunchPod. Our goal is to provide true value to Amazon sellers. If you’re unhappy with your services, we will be happy to refund your last month with us without delay.

Case Study 1

Within 2-months of working together, our team was able to drive an additional £5000 in monthly advertising revenue – advertising costs for the month were also reduced by £846. ACOS fell from 8.6% to 6.3% during this period and is currently being maintained whilst we try to further drive sales.


Advertising revenue


Advertising spend

Case Study 2

Our team initially focused on becoming more profitable, whilst still driving sales – drilling into the data to identify growth opportunities and also wasted spend. This resulted in a £2200 increase in monthly advertising revenue just 6-weeks after starting. ACOS fell from 50% to 17% during this period.


Advertising revenue


ACOS decrease

Case Study 3

Whilst you typically see the greatest impact of your advertising efforts after 4-6 weeks onwards, we’ve been astounded by the performance of this account. We re-launched their campaigns from scratch and after 14-days have currently generated £9100 in incremental revenue with an ACOS of 16.1%.


Advertising revenue

14 days

Since start

Timeline Expectations

1 - 4 Weeks

We analyse your existing listing(s) and campaign(s) and fill in advertising gaps with the appropriate campaigns and ad groups (there may be initial spikes and dips in your numbers in any research period). Initial listing and backend audits performed.

4 - 8 Weeks

We carefully monitor adjustments made to address any initial problems, scale best performing areas while optimising bids, budgets, and keywords. Ongoing listing optimisation and strategy conversations.

8 - 12 Weeks & On

This marks the completion of the research phase. We continue tweaking strategies to ensure the best ROI (adaptation to market trends) and apply further stabilisation (month-to-month growth numbers identified). Ongoing listing optimisation and brand recommendations continue.

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