Our story

We wanted to build a business that we’d enjoy running and take great satisfaction from each day. So whilst we aid some brands on a 1-2-1 basis, our primary focus is around educating sellers on the Amazon marketplace – which is how the LaunchPod Academy was born.

In 2020 we brought on two incredible Amazon Advertising managers, who are former Amazon employees like George. They not only support members of LaunchPod Academy with questions and consultations but they also work closely with brands to manage their campaigns on a monthly basis – this is an additional service.

Our focus is on teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners, just like you, to create successful Amazon brands that generate a sustainable growing income.

I’m George Reid

Immediately after leaving Amazon, I knew I wanted to continue supporting brands in the building of their online business. I’d spent 2 years at Amazon working within multiple teams and found the experience both enjoyable and challenging. Being surrounded by highly talented individuals truly accelerated my learning and made me stronger.

I quickly realised though, I’m not a big company person. I don’t like ‘leadship principles’ or bullshit jargon and I ultimately wasn’t going to thrive in such an environment in the long-term.

Running the LaunchPod Academy gives me a much higher sense of purpose. We’re helping hundreds of individuals build a sustainable foundation and grow their brands online.

I’m Tom Reid

My journey to becoming an Amazon consultant was quite different.

I trained as a chartered surveyor and have spent all of my career working in that industry – setting up a surveying consultancy in the process.

George needed help with marketing so I stepped in and have since spent the last 3-years drilling into social advertising, copywriting and developing funnels.

LaunchPod allows me to connect with a wide array of businesses and entrepreneurs, who I take great pleasure in helping achieve sustainable growth each and every month.

Let’s answer some


Can I hire you both to build my Amazon business?

Whilst this is not something we previously did, due to high demand we are now taking on projects that we find particularly interesting. If you need 1-2-1 support and feel you’ve got an exciting brand or a great opportunity, get in touch.

Can I arrange a consultation call to get some advice?

Kinda the same as the above. The place to get advice from us is inside the LaunchPod Academy. If you’re interested in 1-2-1 work then drop us an email and we can set up a call to discuss your particular needs and whether or not we’re a suitable fit for each other.

Why is George in Australia?

Like a good little lap dog, he followed his girlfriend, Jo, who interestingly works as a program manager at Amazon Australia. They live in Bondi Beach and are currently wondering how they ever put up with London’s grey skies.

Can I interview you for my podcast, blog or publication?

We’re always open to invitations for us to talk about things Amazon related and will happily consider any requests. Simply send us a message with a little bit of info and we’ll get back to you.

Will you speak at my event/appear at my online summit?

We love speaking live, in any sense of the word, so would happily discuss this opportunity to be involved with your event. Drop us a message with the details.

Do you offer any other services?

Our services comprise of: The LaunchPod Academy, Amazon Advertising management, and 1-2-1 strategy consultations.

“Took our Amazon listings to another level, +30k pm. Learnt a lot about the workings and how to get the best out of a simple product. Still not put into practice all George recommended so more to come yet.”

Mark Whelan

“By far the best membership I’ve used. Very insightful content and easy to follow videos. Had a great 121 call with George this morning, he simplified the overall process with easy to follow steps…am now feeling inspired.”

Steve McDonald

“These guys are great! Having bought many Amazon courses in the past this is by far the best. None of usual waffle and regurgitating of old content, what they bring is fresh and with advice I’ve not seen anywhere else.”

Ian Gilmour

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