George Reid

 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers

🚀 93.8% of the UK shop on Amazon

1. In 2020 internet retail sales grew immensely. From 20.8% of UK total retail sales at the beginning of the year to 31.9% by the end of the year. That’s five years growth, in one year.

2. Amazon introduce featured stores. But I think they’re bang average. Seller Central > Store > Featured Stores (bottom of page). Click here for inspirational stores that are actually inspirational.

3. Amazon posts continue to drive free traffic. It’s free, why aren’t you using them? My recommendation: look at how your post interrupts the space. Is it a particularly big font or certain colour? Is it recognisable and consistent? It should be. Brand awareness if key with these. They’re now visible on desktop [link].

4. The day you became good at retaining customers. It’s today. Go listen to my latest podcast, which was so good I couldn’t help but overrunning by 10-minutes. Juliana Jackson also had the most provocative language to date.

5. How does your brand benchmark on Amazon advertising? You can now find out, with category benchmark reporting available for sponsored brands. In the US pet supplies has a typical ACoS of 33% for sponsored brands, see how you compare here. Or go pull the report yourself to be more accurae.

6. Amazon expected to be 39.7% of US sales in 2021. [Article]. That figure has been up YoY, in case you were wondering. In the UK? Well, 93.8% of the UK shop on Amazon [study]. 90% of Brits plan to continue shopping online post lockdown [article]. Time to look at your logistics and figure out IF/HOW you can scale in tandem, always asking yourself one simple question: “if we trebled our sales, what would break?”.

7. Gain 65k followers on TikTok overnight. This brand did. I don’t use TikTok, nor do I have any intention of wasting my life watching shit videos. But, many disagree with me, and that’s great, if you’re a brand and you’re looking to get essentially free traffic. You can’t do everything though, you’ve got to nail a core 1-2 channels, then look to add on supplementary ones.

8. Here is a nice packaging design. [Post].

9. Launch a brand or launch a blog? Before launching your product there is merit in launching a blog first. I’m doing exactly that right now and am documenting my journey on LinkedIn. Here is the first post where I explain exactly what I’m doing.

10. LinkedIn is great for hiring. Post a job, promote it a little ($4AUD/day) and receive over a hundred candidates. You can also filter them out stupidly easily based on pre-set questions. It’s job dependant I imagine, but a good starting point.




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