6-Step Strategic Plan to Building an Unshakeable Amazon Brand

Nail these 6-steps and you’ll be on the right path to £100k + per month…

Step 1 – Product

There must be a mass desire for your product.

The only goal here is to sell a product where the want/need is greater than the price a customer is willing to pay.

Basic economics.

Yet something most novice sellers screw up on.

Step 2 – Operations

You must enrol your products into Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) or Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP).

It increases conversions and visibility, reduces your workload and allows you to scale across the globe with relative ease.

In most cases your fulfillment costs will actually be cheaper than had you done it yourself.

No brainer.

Step 3 – Conversion assets (listings, pre-sell pages, reviews, ads, copy, EBC)

This is where most sellers f**k up.

Would you put a product on display at John Lewis or Harrods with unfinished packaging, misspellings, or terribly edited imagery? 


Would you go to a trade show to launch your product without a nice booth, great selling points, and eye-catching product visuals? 

Probably not. 

So why are sellers throwing listings up on Amazon without any forethought into their presentation or sales strategy?

These platforms should NOT be afterthoughts. 

You MUST nail your conversion assets before you drop a dime on paid advertising.

The sole goal of these assets is to convert attention into revenue.

This creates a flywheel.

The more you sell, the more visibility you’ll receive, the more reviews you’ll generate, the more you’ll sell.

Sellers fail to grasp the power of this.

They are focusing so hard on driving traffic that they neglect the assets that actually generate the cash.

Which results in them losing thousands of pounds every single year in wasted ad spend.

Drill into your conversion assets.

Make them insanely good.

Then (and only then) move onto step 4…

Step 4 – Traffic (organic, PPC, Facebook, Instagram)

Traffic is the oxygen of your business.

Without it you’ll suffocate.

Control the traffic and you’ll control your sales.

Yet you cannot focus solely on organic or Amazon PPC…

The platform has evolved and you therefore must be driving highly targeted traffic from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc to pre-sell pages and other assets.

It’s on these pages that you can gather their data.

Then hit them over and over again with re-targeting ads.

Multiple touch points over a sustained time period will sky rocket your ROAS.

Cus not every Tom, Dick and Harry are ready to buy right now remember.

This allows you to scale quicker (find a winning combo and hit the throttle) whilst building a global brand.

You’ve just gotta know how to correctly set up and manage these ad platforms (and funnels) to maximise profits.

Step 5 – Nurture (email, chatbots, re-targeting)

The bulk of your profits won’t be made from the first sale.

It’s in sale 2,3,4,5… that your bottom line will get beefed up.

Which means you’ve got to acquire the customers data (discussed how in step 4).

So you can build relationships with them.

Which will result in higher Customer Lifetime Values (LTV). Which means…bigger profits.

By utilising chatbots and quality product inserts, you’ll also be able generate more product reviews by sparking conversations with customers.

This adds more gasoline to your flywheel (notice the pattern here?).

You can then horizontally scale by positioning similar products that match their interests in front of your existing customers.

Which further increases the LTV (and your profit margins).

Step 6 – Scale (cross sell, global expansion, diversification)

You’ll NEVER build a £100k p/m Amazon business with one or two products.

You must diversify your product ranges like brands such as GymShark and Dollar Shave Club have done so successfully.

Started off with core products.

Built a huge audience.

Released new products to that audience year in year out.

The game then is simple(ish)…

Build, measure, learn, duplicate. Build, measure, learn, duplicate. Build, measure, learn, duplicate.

Beauty of selling on Amazon is that a winning strategy in the UK can be replicated in the USA, Australia, Germany, France, Italy…

And there is no need for leasing warehouses abroad etc.

You just need to leverage Amazon’s insane logistical networks and marketplaces to tap into millions of customers across the globe.

Simply plug it in and hit play.

Reality is, it’s never been easier to scale your e-com business across the globe through Amazon.

Yet on the flip side the competition has never been tougher.

So you’ve got to constantly have your finger on the pulse, test new strategies and keep pushing yourself (and your business) to it’s limits.

You could embark on this journey alone. Or…

You could join LaunchPod.