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β˜•Β What I Learned About Amazon This Week
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πŸš€The best way you can drive brand awareness in the world today, and it’s free

1) Sponsored video ads are unbelievably good for brand awareness, as well as sales. You’re paying for clicks, on a 15-second video! Meaning, thousands of people can see your brand, with high purchase intent in your category, on a platform ripe for purchase, and you don’t need to pay a dime. When have you ever been able to get that??

2) “By thinking of the product and package as a whole, designers can come up with new, more sustainable iterations of their goods.”. I love the first part of this quote. View your packaging as part of your product, they are married, they may divorce at some point, but people will still remember the marriage. Here 5 quick tips from DF Smith – packaging people:

Design: 1. shrink down the package size and consider more efficient shapes. 2. Use snug packaging to cut down on waste

Materials: 3. Consider using lightweight and thin materials. 4. Shift to recyclable mono-materials.

Features: 5. Think about clever shelf-ready packaging to secure shelf presence and make an impact.

3) 82% of US households hold a Prime membership. In comparison, 77% decorate a Christmas tree.

3.5) This sponsored video ad is the best I’ve ever seen. GET. THEIR. ATTENTION. Views of this ad, to repeat myself, are completely free!!

4) Amazon allow seasonal storefronts, this isn’t new, but it’s something you should do. Go one step further by creating seasonal packaging. Elate your customers, create an unexpected experience, invoke an emotion. Basically, be like this.

5) User-generated content can be your best friend, no matter how the filming was meant to go. Check this out. Why do I like it? Well, it’s funny, but, regardless of the dog not using the product as intended, it’s still creating a lasting impression, and making people aware of the product. For those who don’t know what a slow feeder for dogs is, welcome to the million pound a month market.

6) “Data is like unrefined oil, useless unless you refine it.” It was great to chat with Jason Magee at Teikametrics last week (listen here), and this quote really rang true for me. Everyone on Amazon has access to a vast supply of data, but the inability for a large % of you to refine it is astounding. The difference between those accelerating from the springboard of 2020 into 2021 will largely depend on who can refine the data. Right now, my biggest tip, would be following a company in the UK called Nozzle. Β 

7) You’ll soon be able to drive from a video ad, to a storefront. Storefronts are great because there is significantly less NOISE than on your listing. Less competition. And you’re also able to create a MUCH stronger brand experience for the visitor, which makes 2 birds with 1 stone on the conversion piece. Subscribe to the podcast to hear Destaney Wishon and I talk about this in next weeks 17-minute speed episode.

8) Here is a great example of why you must build a Facebook group today.

9) 5 of the main shipping lines in Hong Kong last week announced that they won’t take bookings for UK bound ports for the rest of the month!

10) The most critical tools in successful e-commerce expansion are customer-centricity and a test-and-learn mindset. Read the full, and brilliant, article by Mckinsey.


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