George Reid

 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers
🚀 I’m giving away all my Amazon ideas – you can copy them for free.

1. Exceptional content examples you can copy. Engulf my greatest bits of Amazon content, all neatly organised and NOW FREE. Join the Amazon Creatives group now before I change my mind. Spend an hour devouring; infographics, lifestyle, storefront, A+, product shots, packaging, advertising, and much more.

2. 88% of brands use Amazon Advertising. Up 21% from last year. It comes as no surprise. 90% see at least a 4X return. Now you’ve got to ask yourself some questions. Do I make up that 88% because I’m dipping my toe in, am I one of those? Am I seeing at least a 4X return? If yes, is it because I’m playing it safe? These numbers get thrown around, all we really learn is adoption is increasing, but reality is a large % of users (1) waste money, and (2) leave coin on the table.

3. Burger King try something risky. I like the BK team, despite having previously slated them. They think outside of the realms of other marketing norms. It’s a pity that most players on Amazon don’t become BK’s shadow, mimicking their creativity and doing something that actually looks, sounds, and feels different. If you’re still using the templates given to you, you’re an amateur. I welcome follow up questions.

4. 78% of retail businesses now sell on Amazon. Up from 55% in 2020. No shit Sherlock. The space is booming and you’d be a fool not to join the highest converting platform whilst large parts of the world remain trapped inside waiting for an AMZ package to arrive filled with endorphin releases. Wondering how you can hammer their endorphins further, here are 2 lip-dripping examples of stellar packaging.

5. The stupidly simple formula to ranking on Amazon. Today is the day you finally understand what relevance means on Amazon. Joe Shelerud joined me on this weeks podcast, aired yesterday, and in 20-minutes he ties together how Amazon Advertising and organic ranking are scheduled to become the new Bad Boys 7 – ride together, die together (that’s awful, George).

6. My shop local idea could be coming to life. Here is the original idea. Here’s what’s happening in Australia right now. I truly believe there is going to be huge demand for this, not just in Australia, we all want to support Sally n Phil by buying directly from them.

7. 52% of experts feel auto-campaigns should be for keyword research. And keyword research only. I think the real answer is “it depends”. Either way, you need to be baking them in in some capacity, because there are always more opportunities out there.

8. UK online sales up 167% in February. I think this is heavily influenced by the fact that many buyers can’t buy in-store so they have to buy online. But it’s reinforcing the importance of an impeccable digital shelf, super fulfilment/operation capabilities, then a stronghold on your traffic to make that flywheel spin.

9. My video of the year. No, it’s not an Amazon Creative. It’s one brand mugging off Amazon for stealing their product [video].




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