George Reid

 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
To: LaunchPod Readers
🚀 Amazon put their foot in it with Hitler-like logo

1. Main images are getting bigger. I’ve been banging on recently how everything comes down to the main image [article], but they’ve just got even more important on Amazon. Now they’re all pumped up and enlarged, you better be damn sure yours look outstanding [example].

2. I got taken to school by the older brother. I’ve got an ongoing theme going on right now, around lifetime value, which I feel is so important on Amazon as the marketplace becomes evermore competitive. Tom sliced and diced several ways you can think about driving repeat purchases when your customer acquisition is making you wince [some snips on my Twitter to whet your appetite].

3. Remember when ROAS used to be 228X on Amazon [post]? My learning here is more of a reminder. When advertising launches in your local, jump and jump early, it will never be this cheap. Same goes for when new campaign types launch, get on that shit early.

4. Birkenstock have a solid WHY. When brands stick with their guns and always remember why, it usually results in long-term success as they drive home the relationship with their customers. Birkenstock could’ve got side-tracked, but they remained true and are now smashing it [post]. Note: don’t try to dye the plastic ones if they don’t have your colour in stock, it doesn’t work.

5. Amazon logo fuck up. Amazon changes new app icon after design is compared to Hitler moustache [link].

6. Can you dig into your images using AI and ML? Vizit think you can, and I’m kinda desperate to have a play with their tool [demo]. It’s kind of like combining PickFu with historical data and adding a layer of analytics to it all. But if you’re wondering what triggers your target customers, which you should be, something like this could be invaluable.

7. Did your logo design cost too much? I thought mine did, before I saw this video of Dave breaking down the mindset behind logo creation and how to justify the value you pay for it. Hands up Dave if you’re reading, I’m sorry I internally felt your price was quite high, this video puts me back in my box.

8. A landing page only has one job. That job is to get the prospect to convert on your call to action. Here is a nice example of a page by DrinkHint [landing page]. It looks great, it really does, and it’s been put together so well. But my argument is they have to many CTA’s which may cause the visitor to become distracted and click elsewhere. Adam reinforces why it’s good [post].

9. Packaging is king. Here is a great example for you [post]. But also factor in that you can’t have a shit product. So don’t waste all of your energy thinking about your product if your product is being neglected and inevitably then become shit. More great content here [£3.50 a month though].

10. Emailing customers who buy on your Amazon store? Yep you heard that right. Vendors in the US now have access to such features, which typically means it’ll make its way down to sellers sooner or later. You only have to read prior emails or my LinkedIn to hear me rattling about the importance of a great storefront and driving traffic there, here is another big reason [post].




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