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 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
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🚀 Am I right about this Amazon pricing strategy?

1. Amazon’s delivery service is worth billions. With Amazon, it all starts with an operational base. You then move onto brand. Finally, you start advertising. I call this The Mountain Strategy.

A strong strategy as a brand on Amazon, should ultimately copy what Amazon have been focusing on in the last 10 years.

2020 saw an unprecedented surge in their fulfilment network capabilities. Listen to David Glick, former VP of transportation at Amazon talk more about it here. As they buy more aircraft though, it’s a statement that they have absolutely no intentions of stopping their expansion in fulfilment. With the likes of USPS falling behind on their delivery promises, Amazon.

2. Another great article for those who have been living under a rock and don’t know about this new trendy thing where you sell your Amazon business. Ben and I discussed this on last weeks podcast and it is such a good thing to be aware of. Simply understanding what makes you more valuable, will in-turn make you develop a stronger, more successful business. Remember though, you have other options available here, it’s not just a case of selling the lot. Getting some extra cash, along with expertise, can massively accelerate your whole operation in a short space of time.

3. If you consume any of my material you’ll know I’m an avid fan of building a community these days. Here’s a lovely podcast from The Marketing Millenials which digs into the specifics around this, particularly focusing on sourcing social media managers, and the mindset you need to have.

4. You can apply for brand registry on Amazon with a pending trademark. Great news if you still haven’t sorted this out. If you’re still in the “I don’t have BR I can’t access that function” camp, I’d also be kicking myself going “yes I can’t access it yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get everything ready for when I can”. Plan your A+, plan your storefront!

5. I’ve never dug too much into brand collaborations and how effective they are. Adam Brown is someone I’ve come to trust the opinion of and he breaks the strategy down very nicely here.

6. Here’s a belting ad from Jeep. I don’t care if it’s not Amazon related; you can probably make it relate if you want to.

7. Start paying your influencers an annual retainer. You can get it for as little as a few hundred bucks, right up to a couple of grand. Say goodbye to content droughts.

8. I’ve been getting grizzly recently over brands not correctly displaying pricing information with their bundle packs. Here are a few examples to reinforce the point, how much better is it like this?

9. “If Brand Loyalty is declining, then this is an OPPORTUNITY to capture new consumers that are leaving other Brands. How can Brands improve content to connect with new consumers that are looking to stray from their current Brand?”. Loved this article diving into the changing behaviour around brand loyalty and why it’s not necessarily bad news for you.

10. Here is 32-minutes of Mike Black of Profitero making me look like an amateur podcast host with no subject knowledge. Topics include; customer experience, sustainable success in 2021, maximising each reviews.



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