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 What I Learned About Amazon This Week
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1. Entertain me. Educate me. Inspire me. Delight me. The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. In this week episode of the podcast I talked with the founder of Wild deodorant. One of the biggest reasons they are booming right now is because they’re EDUCATING their audience on how their product works. Without this, all their customers could’ve had a negative experience on first use. But instead. They’re loving in and have a huge Facebook group community.

2. Segmenting your customers is becoming ever more important. If you think like Amazon and base every decision around data, you’re going to be in a much stronger position. Charles Instone talked about this in an old podcast episode, but the question is, who are your essential customers?

3. According to Ocado, grocery shopping has changed for good. My concern is that many brands have this tremendous problem where they’re not optimised for online yet, and doing so at scale isn’t easy. If you just think about upgrading your online content, when you have a large range this becomes a monstrous task, so you’ve got to break it down by which SKU’s are going to drive the highest return. I recently worked on the Monopoly range, safe to say our focus wasn’t on the SKU’s that have never driven a sale.

4. The money keeps come tumbling in for FBA acquisition businesses. This is great. It certainly gives growing brands reason to lick their lips if they’re looking for an exit at some point. But it’s so important not to get ahead of yourself here. I’d not even be entertaining the conversation without an impeccable operational setup. A strong understanding of your data. And a strong brand story. These form some of the pillars that line you up for sustainable success, which make you look tasty because you’re scalable with investment.

5. There is packaging, then there is packaging. Packaging is my word of the week this week, as of today, right now. I discovered a very interesting idea. Retaking a main image, over and over again, will only make it so good. But revisiting your packaging, in comparison to the other main images on page 1, can take you up to a whole new level.

6. Some top content. Great ad and storefront. Great infographics. Great ideas. Great defensive advertising.

7. There is much debate around dayparting. Which is essentially to turn your advertising up and down throughout the day. Here’s another train of thought though. What do Amazon want you to do? If they wanted you to do this, they’d create a feature. But they haven’t. So should you do it?

8. Images still trump text. Customers remember 80% of what they see in comparison to 20% of what they read. They’re an extension of your brand voice which carries through across platforms. If you’re working Facebook ads hard, customers are more likely to connect with your brand if they then see you when in buy mode on Amazon. IF you use the same TONE. Put simply, what Poppi do in the example above “great ad and storefront”.

9. Here’s a picture of a rhino pissing on a bird. I’ve somehow tied this back to Amazon.

10. Let influencers run free. This has always been my mindset. Don’t put constraints on them. They understand their audience. If you want to access that audience, they’ll know how to deliver the message best. Pair that strategy with authenticity and picking those that align best with your brand.




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